Rodent Removal Tips: How to Get Rid of Rodents from Gardens 

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Rats may be a nuisance in the garden. They may munch through your fruits and vegetables, make a home in your compost, and dig tunnel networks in your soil. People want rodent removal services near me tips because we all get tired of fighting with them. 

Rodents are harmful to fruit, vegetables, seeds, bulbs, plants, and containers. They can also spread illnesses and parasites to people and pets. 

Signs of Rodents in your Garden 

Rat droppings are unique and have a distinctive form and size compared to mouse droppings. They have the size and color of a giant rice grain, measuring 9-14mm in length and dark brown. Rats almost certainly live in your garden or near your home if you notice anything like this. The different other signs of rodents include:

  • Food packages, drawers, cupboards, and under the sink all have rodent droppings.
  • Shredded paper, cloth, or dried plant materials are used as nesting material.
  • Chewing marks on food packaging.
  • Holes have been bitten through the walls and flooring, creating access points into the house.

Remove Water and Food Resources 

Rats will seek out any food or water sources in your garden. Monitor birdbaths, and make sure your taps aren’t leaking. Remove any pet food or water dishes at night. If you compost, bury any organic waste deep in the bin to ensure it is secure. Close bin lids properly, and do not leave waste bags out for too long.

Clean the Yard

Rodents love to hide in locations like wood heaps, long grass, and piles of fallen leaves. By trimming your lawn and pulling tall weeds regularly, you can take good care of your yard. Remove all signs of vegetation, including tree stumps and branches, to prevent hiding places for mice or rats. If you compost, store the materials in a sealed container as far away from your home as is feasible.

Protect your Dung Bin 

Make your bin or heap uninviting by removing food waste and adding plenty of green and brown materials to keep it damp (which rats dislike). Watering the heap might also help to keep them away. Fixing chicken wire around the bin’s base can also assist since it inhibits rodents from digging beneath it and climbing inside. 

Get Professional Rodent Removal Services 

If you’re worried about rats perching in your garden or rodents invading your home, the safest alternative is to contact a professional pest controller. The expert will be trained, qualified, and have the knowledge and expertise to assess your rodent problem and effectively deal with your infestation. So look no more for rodent removal services near me; contact Corky’s Pest Control today.


  1. Horace Smith

    Is the poison used for rats dangerous for pets (dogs?)

    • Nancy

      Mr Smith, In answer to your question the products we use to get rid of rats can be detramental to other animals if eaten in quantity. That is why we use
      locked and secured bait stations to hold a small amount of product that will specifically target the rats by weight and physiology. Just like we humans our pets
      can be allergic to product ingredients. We strive to maintain an attitude of care and caution when working around our customers homes and families.



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