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Tom and Jerry are classic cartoon icons to watch – but those antics and pranks are not the best mouse control method we want to resort to.

To get rid of mice you need to eliminate entry points, use multiple mouse traps, choose from a variety of baits, properly place in high activity areas, be clean, monitor, and have patience. Leave this skill set to the Corky’s specialist because at the end of the day we do not want the mess or disease mice can eave behind.


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Need to Get Rid of Mice?

From time to time, many people will deal with an infestation of mice in their home. The tiny creatures squeeze through thin gaps or openings in the outside of a home in search of tiny crumbs of food or a warm dry place to live. Mice can damage property, create a huge mess with their feces and urine, and spread hantavirus and diseases.

Once inside your home, mice can take up residence in kitchen cabinets, or more commonly in the void between walls. You may hear the pitter patter of tiny mice feet or the sound of scratching inside your walls or ceilings, particularly at night when the nocturnal animals are most active.
If an exterminator to address mice in your home, call Corky’s Control today at 800-901-1102 for proven effective measures to control these pests and protect your property and family.

Common Types of Mice

The house mouse is the most common mouse found in homes not only in San Diego, Riverside, and Orange County, but throughout the world. The mouse is very prolific, giving birth to between 35 and 40 young per year. At that rate, you can see how quickly a house mouse infestation can get out of hand.

The house mouse is also an excellent climber and jumper. The most common signs of the house mouse are his fecal droppings, which are small, dark brown pellets and can collect at a rate of about 50 per day.

The house mouse is considered a vector of disease which is spread mostly through his urination and fecal droppings in human food sources. People who come into contact with mouse droppings or urine or are bitten by a contaminated mouse risk contracting a potentially serious disease or infection.

How Can I Get Rid of Mice?

Just like rats, the best way to control and remove mice inside your home is to use traps to catch them. Using poisoned bait to kill mice is not the best option, since that allows poisoned mice to crawl back to their nests inside your walls or attic to die. A dead mouse will begin to stink as it decomposes, may spread disease, and can be a challenging thing to find and remove from inside your walls or ceiling.


Mice Treatment - Initial Setup

Initial Setup

  • The initial mouse service set up consists of 4 weekly service visits.
  • Trapping and baiting are set up inside the structure.
  • The technician is equipped to determine the best possible strategy to get rid of mice currently in the structure and to control future infestations.
  • In residential properties, a mouse problem is generally accompanied by a rat problem. Our service includes both mouse and rat control.

First Service Visit:

Setup Stations

  • We determine by rodent activity and landscapes where bait stations should be placed on property to effectively control rodent populations.
Mice - First Service Visit
Mice Second and Third Visits

Second and Third Service Visits

  • Check and refill indoor traps. Reposition if necessary.
  • Refill and reposition outdoor bait stations for optimal control.

Fourth Service Visit:

Institute Maintenance

  • We determine by rodent activity and landscapes where bait stations should be placed on property to effectively control rodent populations.
Mice Institute Maintenance

Get rid of Rats


It takes a very short time to repopulate landscape with rodents.
When bait stations are taken away, rodents will return. That is why it’s important to stay on an ongoing regular rodent control service.


To get rid of conditions sustaining mouse populations we recommend reading our “Help Us Help You Control Rodents” page.
In addition to our Mouse Control Service, we also provide rodent cleanup, sanitation and exclusion services.

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Our service tech today was the Best!!! he went above and beyond our expectationsI wish more people like him cared so much about what kind of work their are doing!

Nancy Capistran

Spring Valley, CA

The techs that comes out are such professional, nice, very personable gentlemen. Every last one of them! They are the reason I give them 5 star rating! They know their job very, very well.
Masumi Ramos

Rancho Domingue, CA

The serviceman they sent out was very professional, friendly and informative. He was early. Sprayed for all types of ants and spiders. Very satisfied.
Gerald Macias

Banning, CA