Pantry Pest Control Service

It doesn’t matter where you buy your groceries or how clean you keep your home at some point you will find pantry pests; beetles, moths or worms, in your stored food, on cabinet shelves or flying around the kitchen. If you are tired of cleaning and constantly replacing groceries, this service can be life saver.


  • The pest or pests infesting need to be identified before treatment.

Sawtooth Grain Beetles

  • We remove pantry pests and debris from all accessible areas.
  • This includes throwing out food items infested with pests.
  • We treat throughout the home concentrating on the most infested areas. Treatment may include topical sprays and pheromone traps.

Pantry Spray

  • Heavy infestations may require additional treatments. Corky’s pantry pest treatments are sold by application. Before your home treatment can be done it will need some preparation.


  • Be diligent not to re-infest by checking your groceries for any pests along the packaging edges and crevices.
  • Getting rid of pantry pests can require ongoing removal and cleaning up the infestation for several weeks especially if it has been present for a while.
  • After your pantry pest service, you may still see a few pests but they should eventually all die off.


  • Store your goods in airtight containers. Properly sealing and storing your dried goods and open packaged can keep items fresh and pest-free.
  • Thoroughly inspect grocery items.
  • Toss out expired items.


Get Rid of Pantry Pests

Pantry Pest video