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Corky’s Ultimate Pest Control Plan

You get bonus treatments on your landscape when you purchase the Ultimate Pest Extermination Service. We perform additional treatments where infestations are discovered.

Example spider treatment areas include:

  • Eaves
  • Window Casing
  • Door frames
  • Foundation
  • Resting Areas
  • Ceiling

Web Removal:

  • Exterior of structure
  • Patio Furniture and small hedges along the structure


  • Plants, shrubs, and treatable small trees

Why Choose the Ultimate Pest Management Service?

When you choose Corky’s Ultimate Pest Extermination Service you get guaranteed ant and spider control. You also get aphid, whitefly, tick prevention and mosquito control when we spray your shrubs and plants during seasonal services. For Southern California residents, our San Diego pest control company stands out as a reliable choice for all these services and more, providing you with a safe and pest-free environment year-round

Pest ID

Pest ID

Quick Facts

Quick Facts
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Help Us Help You
Control Pest

How We Protect You From Ants and Spiders.


Ant Treatment

Ant Treatment

  • Low-impact treatment products are applied to foundation areas, sidewalks, edges of driveways and property perimeters. We spray cracks and crevices all the way around your home, including front and backyard.
  • Inside treatment – no extra charge when needed.

Spider Treatment

  • Treatments for spiders are applied to eaves, window casings and door frames, under patio furniture, and on wooden fences.
  • Treatments include the brushing of webs from eave areas and the use of low-impact and/or botanical products that are effective and proven spider solutions.
Spider Treatment
Perimeter Spraying

Perimeter Treatment

  • Property perimeters are treated for tick prevention.

Search and Destroy

  • We search for ant colonies and destroy them where found.
General Pest Control Services
Landscape Treatment

Landscape Treatment

  • You get bonus treatments on your landscape when you purchase the Ultimate Pest Management Service. We perform additional treatments where infestations are discovered. Treatment of plants may be suspended during Summer and hot-dry periods.

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Corky’s Ultimate Pest Control Service is performed bi-monthly and changes seasonally with the emergence of different types of insects. Proactive pest prevention is best when all parties communicate – we need your input.



Keep your yard free of debris, keep shrubs trimmed and lawns mowed. Insects love to hide in tall grass. Clear heavy brush, and ban standing water.

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