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Here is what the extensive service entails:

​View our Bed Bug Identification page to learn about this species.

REMOVAL - Vacuum to remove bed bugs, eggs and their debris from all accessible areas such as baseboards, moldings, carpet edges, mattresses, and underside of dressers, nightstands and furniture.
TREATMENT - Throughout the home, treat cracks, crevice and wall voids where bed bugs hide. Treat bed frames and the underside of dressers, nightstands, chairs and furniture. Additionally, hypoallergenic covers must be installed on all box springs. (You can find these on the web or buy them from us) Mattresses are easy to vacuum so you don't necessarily need to cover them. Upon completion of the service, monitors such as pheromone or glue traps should be placed in areas where infestation was observed.
FOLLOW UP - If the service is performed by us, the follow up is approximately two weeks following the initial treatment, we return to check our monitors and re-inspect areas where infestation was observed. Additional treatments will be performed on areas where bedbugs are found.
EXTENDED VALUE - If you hire us to do the work, you extend the value of your investment and obtain a full service guarantee, you may wish to sign up for our annual bed bug service program. This service is performed at a 3-month (quarterly) interval and begins 2 weeks after completion of your follow up treatment.
Our quarterly bed bug maintenance service guarantees against new or renewed infestations.

Each quarterly service will include:

  1. Visual Inspection of all mattresses and box springs.
  2. Inspection of nearby furniture, headboards, nightstands, and any other bedbug harborage areas.
  3. Baseboards will be checked in sleeping areas and any other areas the client spends time sleeping or relaxing. (living rooms, family rooms, dens)
  4. Overstuffed furniture, end tables, and coffee tables in the living areas of the home will be inspected.
  5. Previously placed monitors will be checked for activity.
  6. When activity is noted, treatment will commence immediately.

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Eliminating bed bugs is not an easy task. Successful eradication depends on the cooperative effort of the homeowner and the pest control company. Successful treatment requires more preparation on your part than most other pest treatments.

Our bed bug professional will expose your problem areas and provide a preparation checklist to be completed before your bed bug treatment.

If you want us to do the work the $75 will apply to the service.

Bed Bug elimination is contingent upon home preparation and the knowledge of how to get rid of them.

Corky’s is committed to helping you through the bed bug extermination process, whether or not you hire us to do the work.

Call 1-800-333-7138 to schedule your inspection.

Our Bed Bug Service !

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​Your primary tool in successful bed bug removal is your vacuum cleaner.


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