BED BUG TREATMENT- We treat cracks, crevices and wall voids throughout the home where bed bugs hide. Treatment in bedrooms includes all furniture, mattresses and covers for box springs. 

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Watch the Bed Bug Vlog above on how to kill bed bugs.

Eliminating bed bugs is not an easy task. Successful treatment requires more preparation on your part than most other pest treatments. We offer a bed bug fumigation service which requires less preparation. Call us at 1-800-333-7138 for an inspection to make sure you have bed bugs. Corky's Bed Bug Inspection is $75 and gets applied to any bed bug service.

If you caught the insect that’s biting you, take a photo of the bug next to a penny on a piece of white paper and send it to us.

Email to or text to: 760-641-0396. A customer service representative will contact you.

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Residential customers who want to do bed bug treatments themselves can visit our Do-It-Yourself page and follow the instructions carefully.

A thorough inspection will need to be performed to confirm the presence of bed bugs and to establish their level of infestation. Corky’s is well equipped to help maintain bed bug free environments. Customers can call for bed bug service and/or fumigation estimates. Inspections and fumigation preparation must be done before any fumigation service. 

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How To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs

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BED BUG REMOVAL- We remove bed bugs and debris from all accessible areas such as baseboards, moldings, carpet edges, mattresses, box springs, underside of dressers, nightstands and furniture with a vacuum. 

FOLLOW UP- about two weeks after the bed bug service another inspection is done and additional treatments are applied when necessary.

Corky's offers a commercial annual bed bug service. Call 1-800-333-7138.

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