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Gopher Service

Gopher treatments are $129 per system treated.  After an initial treatment the gopher maintenance plan can begin on a six-week schedule, for a minimum of $59 a month*.

*Maintenance fees are dependent upon area of coverage.

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Gopher Treatment

Corky’s Gopher Control Service does not use poison or traps that can harm other animals.
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Gopher Control Maintenance

A regular scheduled maintenance program is recommended for long term gopher control.


Every property is different. Therefore, this treatment program focuses on areas unique to your property, where gophers have set up housekeeping. This effective service program starts with an initial service to exterminate gophers. Then follow-up maintenance services are recommended to control future invasions.

Property Inspection: We inspect the property for visible signs (gopher holes and dirt mounds) of their presence and check favorite harborage areas where their activity may be less apparent.

Treatment: Equipment especially built to exterminate gopher populations will be used to accomplish control in the landscape. Corky’s Gopher X system pushes heated smoke and carbon monoxide through the rodents’ tunnels and nesting areas. This device operates without the negative effects caused by other methods.

It does not use poisons or traps that can kill or harm other animals and pets.
It does not cause explosions that can disturb large areas of land (and even start fires).​

​Once the Gopher X treatment has been performed, a topical repellent is applied and watered into ground areas to insure the effectiveness of the overall. The topical treatment product is a natural granular repellent that uses strong smell and bad taste to deter gophers from making your yard their home.

Recommendations: Your technician may make recommendations as to measures that will promote successful control of these pests on your property. Recommendations to get rid of gophers may include; decreasing watering schedules, mowing tall grasses, thinning dense foliage and replacing damaged plantings with those that gophers find inedible. The following should be accomplished before any service is performed in order
to ensure a successful treatment.

Do not water 24 to 48 hours before a service. Watering will cause gophers to block off areas underground where they can hide and keep dry, just as they would do during a heavy rain.

Maintenance Services: Gophers can and will migrate from surrounding properties and new damage can occur in as little as one day. If your property is bordered by infested areas, then you can expect gophers to invade regularly. This is why a scheduled maintenance program is so important.

Are voles or moles infesting your landscape, this service controls them too! Let Corky’s provide control for these destructive digging machines.


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Gopher Service

Is your lawn getting ruined by gophers?
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Do-It-Yourself Gopher Control

Helpful things you can do to prevent gophers
gophers san diego

Gopher Identification

What does a gopher look like?