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Snails and slugs can be effectively controlled, but it just takes time and manual labor. Most gardeners just put out bait, with very little success. Corky’s does more to insure effective results. 

snail & slug control service

Helpful things you can do to prevent snails & slugs 


How To Get Rid Of Snails And How To Get Rid Of Slugs

Watch the Snail Vlog above on how to elminate snails.

​​​​Treatment: Our snail service includes two treatments 14 to 21 days apart. We apply organic bait in areas of infestation and we also physically remove the visible snails and slugs from your property. The organic bait that we use is appropriate for use around pets.

Prevention: A good snail and slug management program relies on a combination of methods in order to get rid of snails and slugs. The first step is to eliminate, as much as possible, all places where they can hide during the day. Boards, stones, debris, weedy areas around tree trunks, leafy branches growing close to the ground and dense ground covers such as ivy are ideal sheltering spots. Also, locating vegetable gardens or susceptible plants as far away from snail and slug hiding places as possible is recommended.

Picking up and throwing away snails and slugs is a major benefit in keeping their populations to a minimum. If you don’t want to spend your valuable time and energy to do this job, we will as part of our slug service!

How Corky's snail and slug control Service works

Corky's has the most effective snail and slug program in the World!​

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what does a SNAIL OR SLUG look like? 

$89 per application for up to a 14,999 sq. ft. lot​