Corky’s Ultimate Pest Control Service Plan, provides year-round control and preventative treatments for not only ants but spiders, aphids, whitefly, ticks, mosquitoes and much more!

Spiders fly (or rather, float) on air currents to find better places for food. As new spiderlings, they release several silk threads that act as a kind of parachute that carries them with the wind. This behavior is called ballooning or kiting. The trip can range from just a few meters to several hundred miles.

​Most spider species stay outside all the time. Spiders can be drawn to your home’s heat and will venture inside if they come across an easy entry point.

Watch the Spider Vlog above on how to kill spiders.

Corky’s Spider Control service provides maximum control and extermination for the best value. Our one-of-a-kind service is tailored to each property, infestation levels and is adapted for each season. Treatment for spiders are applied to the home and the landscape where spiders reside. Treatments include the brushing of webs from eave areas and the use of low-impact and/or botanical products that are effective and proven spider solutions. These customized treatments target immediate problems as well as help provide future control.

To achieve the best results from our spider service, we recommend you prune and thin dense foliage, let the sun in and remove hiding and harborage areas at the same time.  It’s also wise to remove as much of the spider’s food sources as possible, by washing off plantings with water from your hose. This will knock off plant sucking insects (they can’t climb back up) that are the spiders’ favorite food.  For more you can do to keep spiders away, read our Do-It-Yourself spider control recommendations.  

We are committed to providing timely and effective pest control for our customers, but without a regularly scheduled maintenance program, infestations of spiders are sure to reoccur, since they crawl and float in from neighboring properties. Corky’s Ultimate Pest Control Service Plan, provides year-round control and preventative treatments for not only spiders but ants,aphids, whitefly, ticks, mosquitoes and much more


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