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Whitefly Pest Control in San Diego, CA


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Corky’s Whitefly service

Corky’s Whitefly service is designed specifically for Southern California properties, and can also control aphids at the same time for no additional charge.


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Quick Facts

Quick Facts

Help us Help you

Help Us Help You
Control Whiteflies


  • The initial service consists of 2 treatment applications (or more, depending on the severity of the infestation), scheduled 14 days apart.​ Additional treatments are charged per application. 
  • The first application consists of root drenching and spraying of plants. We drench the roots of your roses and hibiscus plants.  We perform this drenching once a year. It takes 2 weeks for the product to systemically work its way out to the leaves. This spring application must be done between Feb 15th and May 15th. The earlier the better.
Rose Bushes
Treatment Aphid
  • We also spray mist on the underside of all the leaves of targeted plants with our special fogging machine, targeting aphid harborage areas.
  • On the second application, we inspect all the plants that we treated and apply a second fogging application under the leaves of targeted plants.
Hibiscus Leaves and Flower

Get rid of Whiteflies


In order to keep good control and health of your plants you need to be on Corky’s Ultimate Pest Control Service.

It is our commitment to provide timely and effect control for our customers, but without a regularly scheduled maintenance program, infestations are sure to reoccur, since whiteflies migrate (fly in) from neighboring properties.


Your technician will make recommendations on how to get rid of whiteflies already infesting landscape plants as well as future whitefly control.

Take care of your plants. Healthy plants naturally repel insects whereas sickly or stressed ones will attract them.