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Did you know that California is home to more plants and wildlife than any other state? With 40 million people it is understandable that we should enjoy wildlife with respect and understanding. There are ways to co-exist but if you have a “nuisance” animal call to see how Corky’s follows the Golden States guidelines to manage removal.



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All Wildlife services are performed according to county and state regulations.


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Our service tech today was the Best!!! he went above and beyond our expectationsI wish more people like him cared so much about what kind of work their are doing!

Nancy Capistran

Spring Valley, CA

The techs that comes out are such professional, nice, very personable gentlemen. Every last one of them! They are the reason I give them 5 star rating! They know their job very, very well.
Masumi Ramos

Rancho Domingue, CA

The serviceman they sent out was very professional, friendly and informative. He was early. Sprayed for all types of ants and spiders. Very satisfied.
Gerald Macias

Banning, CA