After earwig control service has been performed for an initial fee, earwig control maintenance will be included as part of Corky’s Ultimate Pest Control Service plan.  No initial fee will be required to purchase Corky’s Ultimate Pest Control Service plan, which includes many other pest control services.


  • Botanical or low-impact treatment products for the control of earwigs are applied underneath plantings and harborage areas in the landscape.
  • Special attention is paid to cracks, crevices, and foundation areas of the structure where they are most apt to hide.  Earwigs also hide under bark and any clutter you may have.
  • Interior earwig treatments are not always needed. In the event one is requested, it will be performed and charged at the low customer rate. An interior service is always accompanied by an exterior service to provide effective results.


  • To effectively control these earwigs a consistent service is required. Problems can reoccur quickly as future generations hatch and begin the re-infestation process while others are brought in by a variety of means such as, cardboard boxes, newspapers, in the soil of new plantings, fire wood and decorative wood bark to name a few.


  • To ensure a successful treatment to get rid of earwigs and for future prevention it is important to remove food and water sources.
  • Eliminate over-watering, thin dense foliage, cut tall grasses and remove debris from around foundation areas.

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