moth on blue fabric brownish
Before your home treatment can be done you will need to do some preparation. Without proper preparation paying for pest control will be a waste of money. Preparation includes the following steps:

  • Remove everything from your closet and vacuum the baseboards and floor for eggs, larvae, and live insects. Vacuum curtains too. Dump vacuum bag in the trash when finished.
  • Wash or dry clean all your clothes. Curtains and upholstery too. Moths, eggs and larvae can be killed by a hot-water wash cycle or by dry cleaning. If the fabric allows, you can put clothes in the dryer at medium heat for 30 minutes. See our preparation page for washing instructions.

Fabric pests, including variations of clothes moths and carpet beetles, commonly infest fabrics throughout your home. The adults lay eggs in cracks and crevices. At the time of service, we inspect and identify the type of fabric pest and the extent of the infestation.


  • Fabric pest treatments are sold by application with a state approved material. This treatment includes infested areas especially cracks and crevices. Treatments are targeted to areas of infestation and may include topical sprays and/or pheromone traps.


  • It’s not uncommon to see a few of these pests after the initial service. We will set pheromone traps to catch the pests after service has been completed.


  • To keep from paying initial fees repeatedly, get on Corkys Ultimate Pest Control Service and future services will be done for $49.
  • Vacuum out your closets often. Keep an eye out for these pests which can do serious damage to clothing, carpeting and curtains.