The Truth About Bees:

It is worth remembering that maintaining a healthy bee population is beneficial to humans!

One reason bees are beneficial is pollination, helping to provide food in the form of fruits, berries, nuts, leaves, roots and seeds. One out of every three bites you put in your mouth was pollinated by honeybees! . Bees are an important part of our ecosystem and contribute substantially to our economy.

If you have bees in trees or bushes near your home keep people away from them. Often, the bees are merely resting and will be gone within a few days. Killing bees should only be done when absolutely necessary. If you have a bee infestation that poses a safety risk to you or your pets, we can help you.


We offer many services for flying, stinging insects including: live bee hive relocation, insect elimination, hive or nest removal, opening and structure repair and bee proofing. Bee proofing is necessary to guard against future bee colonization. Repair services are priced separately from bee services.

Bee Repair

Corky’s supports environmental stewardship and recommends live bee hive removal whenever possible. This service starts at $250 and requires a trained professional who practices safe and stress-free removal for the bees keeping the colony together.

bee hive

The actual price of hive removal depends on the complexity of the removal process. After the hive treatment and removal there will still be bees that were not in the hive at the time of the service. If a hive is not removed, it could draw bees back in to establish another hive. If a bee hive containing wax and honey is left in a structure it can ferment, stink and ooze down the walls.

The number one goal of our service is resident safety. Any hive or nest causing you concern on your property can be treated for elimination or removal. It is important to stay away from hives or nests and let the experts handle them. Bees are responsible for more deaths in the United States than any other insect, due to allergic reactions.


Even big bees can get into a hole a quarter of an inch big. This means even the small gaps between siding may not be safe. However, learning to seal those places with caulking or patching holes in your window screens should help deter bees from entering your home.