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Protect yourself, your family and your guests, with this outdoor home and yard tick prevention service. Each property is unique and deserves the most uniquely devised treatment plan possible to control ticks. Customized treatments focus on the ticks resting and breeding areas unique to your property. Most ticks rest or rather lie in waiting for a meal in areas such as tall grasses, under and in shrubs and trees, in leaf litter and along fence-lines. They are particularly fond of any area that they identify as frequented by humans or animals.

This two-step service includes 2 treatments 14 days apart. Additional treatments are charged per application. 

The following should be accomplished before any service is performed in order to ensure a successful tick treatment. Other recommendations for getting rid of ticks, specific to your property may be made at the time of service.

  • Reduce watering in suspect areas.
  • Thin or cut back dense foliage. Let the sunshine in !
  • Cut areas of tall grass and remove leaf litter from under trees and plants.

It is our commitment to provide timely and effect control/prevention for our customers, but without a regularly scheduled maintenance program, infestations are sure to reoccur since ticks migrate from neighboring properties or are brought in on pets, feral animals and even by ourselves.

This is why tick prevention is included with Corky’s Ultimate Pest Control Service Plan.

Let Corky’s provide tick prevention for your property.

How Corky's tick control service works

Watch the Tick Vlogs above on how to get rid of ticks.

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Tick Service

Enjoy your yard without worrying about ticks. Corky’s Ultimate Pest Control Service plan includes treatment to many of the migrating tick harborage areas such as property perimeters and fence-lines, under and within plants, small trees and shrubs.

Corky’s tick service was developed specifically for Southern California properties, taking into consideration, property landscaping, weather, and seasonality of infestations. Ticks are vectors of disease that effect both man and animals, of which Lyme Diseaseand Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, are two of most notable. View our Tick Identification page to learn about the most prevalent species found in Southern California.

Corky’s Ultimate Pest Control Service Plan, provides year-round control and preventative treatments for not only ants but spiders, aphids, whitefly, ticks, mosquitoes and much more!


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