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Pigeons, Seagulls, and Swallows have a high population in Southern California. Especially in urban areas for homeowners and businesses. Birds like to build their nests in overhangs of buildings or eaves of a home where they are looking for food and lodging.
Birds can cause substantial damage to your home or office building and leave behind plenty of dirt and droppings. There are also health issues associated with bird messes.

Have our specialists show present a variety of exclusionary products and techniques to keep birds away and prevent damage.


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Quick Facts

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Help Us Help You
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Corky’s bird exclusion techniques include some of the following: Netting, bird spike strips, bird wires, electrified strips, or bird slope.


Seagulls are troublemakers! Beside being noisy or messy they are undesirable around your property. However, this white bird is smart and tricky when asked to leave your property. They like to “hang-out” on properties verse nesting but do create shallow depressions in the ground with feathers when they do rest.

Swallows are graceful, singing birds but their nest on your home cause many problems and damage. There are 100 different species – also known as mud swalloes, martins, or barn swallows. They are known for their rapid flight movement, forked tails and slender body. Their nests are generally found near chimneys, sheds, under eaves, on ledges, or barns.

They multiply rapidly and nest in flocks. A colony, as it grows, leave behind droppings, nest pieces, and feathers causing damage to vents, ducts, and drains. They can spread diseases such as salmonella through their droppings, dead swallows, and nesting material.


Like swallows pigeons flock to areas looking for food and lodging. They also will build their nests in overhangs, eaves or ledges, leaving behind droppings, feathers, and trash. The best prevention to to keep them from nesting or loafing in an area. Exclusionary measures are necessary. By using bird spikes, or prickly pieces of metal attached to exposed areas Corky’s specialist are designing an area of discomfort for the pigeon.

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The most effective way to prevent birds from nesting or loafing in a particular area is to install exclusionary measures such as netting or bird spikes. Bird spikes are prickly pieces of metal that are attached to a windowsill, over a doorway, or other area where birds may be gathering. The spikes are designed to make it uncomfortable for birds to build nests or just hang out in an area.

Netting and bird wires may also be placed on roofs, along eaves, or in other areas to keep birds away.

If you are seeing damage to your property from call our Customer Service team 1-800-901-1102 for assistance on proven methods for bird control.