Corky's palm weevil service


$175 for first tree and $85 for each additional tree, Trees over 24ft. in height may incur additional fees. Each bi-monthly service is charged separately.

Preventative service – not guaranteed

Our service packs some punches to protect palm trees against weevil invasions.


Our service packs some punches to protect palm trees against weevil invasions.

INSPECTION: We inspect the trees and landscape for evidence of the South American Palm Weevil.


Corky’s Pest Control has developed an innovative treatment to prevent weevils from attacking expensive palm trees like the Canary Island Date Palm. The unique specialty service combines several techniques to repel the weevil. The first punch is a systemic insecticide treatment into the ground. The second punch is topically applied to the tree. The treatments repel the weevils and other insects as well.  If you want to save your trees, you’ll need four separate treatment applications approximately two months apart from March through October.

TREATMENT PART ONE: Each palm tree is treated with an insecticide that is injected directly into the palm tree roots. The application flows up the tree trunk into the head and fronds of the tree. BASF has never tested this product on a palm tree for its efficacy.

TREATMENT PART TWO: The head and fronds of the tree are sprayed topically with a preferred pesticide with repellent properties. These prevention services carry no implied guarantees.


South American palm weevil infested trees will typically die, and most be disposed of  properly to prevent the spread of the weevil. This weevil destroys the palm by feeding on the growing tissue in the palm crown, killing it. Symptoms of infestation include yellowing foliage and death of new and emerging fronds. Once dead, or dying these trees must be removed, then destroyed, to prevent this weevil from migrating to healthy trees. This process can be quite costly.

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Protect the Canary Island Date Palm Tree! Don't delay.


Protect the Canary Island Date Palm Tree! Don’t delay. Start treating your trees right away.