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How To Get Rid Of Wasps

When wasps become a nuisance or a danger, our Wasp Control Service will resolve the problem.

what does a wasp look like? 

Wasp CONTROL SERVICE  when necessary

We offer a number of services for flying, stinging insects including: insect elimination, hive or nest removal, opening and structure repair and insect proofing. Our technicians also make recommendations, specific to your property, to get rid of wasps and hornets and keep them away. These could include; removal of things that attract wasps, such as open trash bins, liquid bird feeders (wasps love sweets) and pet food, fixing holes and other access points into the structure and filling holes in the yard (from gophers and other animals) that provide perfect nesting areas. 

After the hive treatment and removal, there will still be wasps in the area - the ones that were not in the hive at the time of the service. Often restoration and structure repair is needed after hive or nest is removed. It is highly recommended that wasp proofing be done so the insects don't re-infest the same area.

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How corky's wasp service works