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  • Water – If ants can’t find water outside, they’ll get it inside from sink traps in the kitchen, bathroom or laundry room.
  • Food – The main source of food for ants are secretions given off by plant attacking insects such as aphids, whiteflies or scale

Take control of your ant problems today with Corky’s, a top-rated pest control company in San Diego. Contact us now to schedule a consultation and ensure your home remains safe and pest-free year-round.


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Quick Facts

Quick Facts

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Help Us Help You
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Variety of Service Offerings

Treatments for spiders are applied to eaves, window casings and door frames, under patio furniture, and fences.

Ultimate Pest Control includes both areas of ant and spider control service, preventative tick control and treatment of plants and shrubs January through June.


Landscape Driveway
  • Low-impact treatment products are applied to foundation areas, sidewalks, edges of driveways and property perimeters. We spray cracks and crevices all the way around your home, including front and backyard.
  • Inside treatment – No extra charge (There is an extra charge for interior ants unless on an ultimate service.)
Kitchen Pantry

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With Corky’s Ant Control Service, we perform the same service in certain time intervals.


To get rid of ants in the yard and to keep ants out of the house, repair any leaky faucets and let over-watered areas dry out. For more things to do, read our Help Us, Help You Control Ants page.