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Ant migration from parent ant colony satellite and ant colony to kitchen, bathroom and laundry room

We are confident that the annual service plan we provide will meet or beat your expectations for keeping ants out of your home. If in the event, our efforts do not afford you the control you expected and subsequent corrective measures are unsuccessful, we will refund the amount of your last paid service

Ants enter your home in search of water found in the sink traps of your kitchen, bathrooms, laundry room and garage from outside colonies. Ants also feed on food found inside your home, anything from a little juice or soda spilled on the floor or tabletop to crumbs on your furniture. Ants live in colonies outside and migrate inside for food and water.

How can I keep ants out? HELPFUL THINGS YOU CAN DO 


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Corky’s Ultimate Pest Control Service Plan, provides year-round control and preventative treatments for not only ants but spiders, aphids, whitefly, ticks, mosquitoes and much more!

*$49 for up to a 14,999 sq. ft. lot​

How To Get Rid Of Ants

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WHy do ants keep coming in my kitchen?

they are thirsty.

WHAT does an ant look like?


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Corky’s Ant Service provides maximum control and extermination for the best value. When we perform ant services the treatment is customized for the property, infestation levels and the season.

Corky’s customized ant control treatments target many areas of your yard and landscape where ants reside. Integrated pest management for ant control includes finding the food and harborage areas for the types of ant we are controlling. Ants that invade buildings usually have colonies outside under trees and in dense plants. Ants main food supply comes from the secretions of aphids or other plant insects. Searching out and controlling ant colonies and eliminating their food source is vital to successful ant control.

How to get rid of ants and ways to keep ants from coming back.

We recommend the following things be done in order to get rid of ants in the yard and to keep ants out of the house. Water your plants for good health and to knock off plant-sucking insects to the ground. Cut areas of tall grass and remove leaf litter and any fallen fruit. Prune and thin out dense foliage to let the sun in. Repair any leaky faucets and let over-watered areas dry out. For more things to do, read our Do-It-Yourself ant control.

We are committed to providing timely and effective pest control for our customers, but without a regularly scheduled maintenance program, infestations of ants are sure to reoccur, since they migrate from neighboring properties. 

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