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Fabric pests can be found at some time in nearly every home. Many of these pests are no more than an occasional inconvenience; others can cause significant damage.

Clothes moths and carpet beetles occur naturally outdoors in bee, bird, and rodent nests. Carpet beetle adults are often found on crape myrtles and other ornamental shrubs and flowers. Once indoors, carpet beetles or clothes moths may lay their eggs on woolen or other natural fiber carpets, upholstery or stored fabric items.





Fabric pests aren’t known to spread diseases, and they don’t bite or sting. They are, however, harmful to property because of their habit of feeding on natural fibers or fabrics. They are also known to feed on some pantry items. Carpet beetles, especially, are attracted to the oils that are found in people’s hair and on their bodies. When they come in physical contact with a person, they can cause an itchy, raised rash. The rash often causes incorrect assumptions that homes or businesses have been invaded by bed bugs.

Most often, clothes moths and carpet beetles are brought into a home on items that are already infested.

The larvae, of carpet beetles, are usually found living on floors around baseboards, in carpeted closets, in basements, inside cardboard boxes, under or in upholstered furniture, and under carpets. Adult carpet beetles are attracted to light and are drawn to the windows and doors of homes, making their way inside through cracks and crevices under or around them. They can also be brought in on used furniture, boxes, and clothing. They are attracted to any animal-based fabrics and dry goods that they can feed on and lay their eggs in.

Clothes moths, on the other hand, like the dark, so they hide avoiding naturally and artificially lite areas, preferring basements, sub-areas, infrequently disturbed closets and storage areas. Clothes moth larvae are the source of damage, as adults do not feed at all.

To eliminate these nuisance pests from your home or business, it is important to start the process as soon as a problem is identified to stop an infestation.

Corky’s Fabric Pest Control Service, is designed to get rid of these pests and it starts with,

Identifying which pest is causing the problem. Identification is important in order to determine the correct course of treatment.

Then preparation for the service is explained to the customer. Proper and thorough preparation before a treatment service is preformed, is the key to success.

Treatment products (specifically designed for the fabric pest involved) are applied to areas of infestation.

After service, it will be common to see a moth flying around or a beetle crawling. Pheromone traps are placed in strategic spots to catch these offenders.

Since these pests are most often brought into homes or offices, this service is performed on request and charged per service.

Corky’s knows that to truly get control of fabric pests, a consistent maintenance program is essential. Therefore, a substantial discount is applied to this service for customers on our year-round Ultimate Pest Control Service, which controls Ants and Spiders, and includes preventative treatments for ticks, aphids, whitefly, mosquitoes and more.

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