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Fumigation istermites aleats, most often, a treatment used to exterminate Drywood Termites.                                                             drywood-termite-soldier-and-frass                                 (Swarmers on the left – Soldier below)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             It can also be considered for cockroaches and bed bugs, when their infestations are extreme.  In cases of wood-boring beetles it is often used to treat wooden furniture that has become infested as well as entire homes.
When you choose to fumigate you are opting for a whole structure treatment in which gases (the fumigant) are released with the objective of eradicating all possible infestations that are otherwise inaccessible.
The process of fumigation is also referred to as “Tenting”. This is an apt description since it is exactly what is done.  Tenting is only performed by fumigators, which are licensed pest control professionals.
Here is the fumigation process in a nutshell:

  • The structure to be treated, is draped in heavy vinyl-coated nylon tarps, which are secured in place with tape and/or clamps and in some cases an extra layer of plastic sheeting, to form an air-tight seal. Before any fumigant is introduced into the tent the fumigator does a final walk through, ensuring that no human or animal life is within the fumigation zone; doors, windows and all entrances are properly secured; air conditioning and heating units are off; secondary locks are in place; and proper warning signs are posted.
  • Gaseous chemicals are pumped into the tent.  These chemicals consist of sulfuryl fluoride (odorless, colorless substitute for the once used methyl bromide), mixed with chloropicrin (a form of danger-44457_640tear gas) which is an effective warning agent. Sulfuryl fluoride, is toxic to, plants and animals including humans.
  • When the “Tent” is removed (about 3 to 4 days after the initial set-up) both of the fumigants’ chemicals escape into the atmosphere and dissipate quickly (which means no surface cleaning is needed once the fumigation is complete). The fumigators on site, test the air quality throughout the structure before any occupants are allowed inside.  Air quality requirements are determined by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

Correctly preparing for the “big tent” is the property owner’s or occupants’ responsibility and ensures that the fumigation will be successful. It is important to follow all preparation procebagging-food-for-fumigationdures; those for outside the structure and those for inside the structure. Your fumigation company will supply complete instructions and any materials that you might need (ex. bags for packaging food, medicines etc.) Your diligence will be rewarded with, peace of mind and, “No Termites”.
Follow this link for a virtual tour of a fumigation, presented by Corky’s Pest Control.   https://youtu.be/F1SeoAGtYqw
Corky’s Pest Control is experienced and well equipped to manage your fumigation experience.  If you reside in Southern California, we are here to help you, get rid of termites.  Fumigation prices are offered over the phone, and pricing is guaranteed.  Satellite technology is used to accurately determine cubic feet of treatment areas, which is how we determine pricing.  Before we can do any work or prepare a contract, a termite inspection is required by California law to confirm the presence or absence of Drywood termiteCartoon termite eats piece of wood.s.
Termites can literally eat you out of house and home so contact the experts at Corkys Pest Control and get rid of termites fast!                        Call 1-800-901-1102


  1. Manoj Kumar

    “Termites seem very unharmful, but in reality, if they infest your house, you might lose some money to get rid of them.
    I knew about these termites’ fumigation, but I didn’t know that there were so many types of fumigation processes.
    Thanks for sharing this knowledge with us.”

    • Nancy Schaible

      My pleasure. Termites are very damaging but they are also a part of the eco-system’s renewal process, breaking down cellulous from dying trees and other vegetation and returning it to the soil to nourish new life. They are also a food source for many other creatures. It’s the circle of life.


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