Fall Line-Up of Pests. The Best Defense is a Timely Offence.

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Fall Line-Up of Pests. Best Defense is a Timely Offence. 

It’s time to go on the offensive so fall pests will be kept out of your home.  For many outdoor pests the change in seasons starts their hunt for cold weather refuge.  Heading up the list of pests that will be looking to share your nice warm living spaces this fall and winter, include, Rats, Mice, Spiders, Cockroaches, Ants, and Stink Bugs. A few less frequent visitors, but no less (maybe even more) intrusive are, Bed Bugs, Fleas, Beetles (Lady Asian Beetles, Box Elder Bugs, Asian Long Horned Beetles and other wood beetles), Centipedes, Termites , Bees and others too numerous to list.

Most of the aforementioned are known for their invasive tendencies, but bees may be a surprise. During fall, bees work around the clock to gather as much food as possible to hold them over till spring. They will also move their colonies to protect them from harsh winter conditions. Areas of a structure, that could provide protection include attics, inside accessible wall voids and foundations and chimneys. If it is accessible and provides protection, they’ll call it home.

Bees may be essential to our very existence about  they can cause alot of damage to structures and can impact those living in close proximity to their hives. 

Insect pests and rodents are not welcome in our homes, no matter what the season, and as roommates they are the worst, as some pose serious health and property hazards. This is especially true of rats, mice, cockroaches and fleas as they carry many harmful diseases that affect humans and animals alike.


Termites and some beetles damage the very structure of our homes.



spider eyes

Their eyes are upon us this fall and the hoards of creepy crawlers and  sneaky marauders are headed our way. How do we protect ourselves from invasion?

By keeping fall and winter invaders where they belong – outside and away from your home.


Start now by employing these proven stratergies.

  • Inspect the perimeter of your home for cracks, gaps, or holes. Caulk or repair any openings, including those where utilities or pipes enter the structure.
  • Check window and door screens for gaps or holes and replace or repair as necessary.
  • Screen vents that open into the attic, chimney, drains, or crawlspaces.
  • Install door sweeps to block gaps under doors. Warm air escaping under doors will attract pests and lead them right into your home.
  • Eliminate moisture sites, such as leaking pipes and clogged drains.
  • Remove fallen leaves and other yard debris. Move compost piles away from structures.
  • Store firewood on a raised platform, not on the ground, and cover it with a plastic tarp. Inspect it for hitchhikers before bringing it inside.
  • Inspect plants carefully before bringing them inside your home for the cooler months. Wash them thoroughly to remove pests and consider spraying them with an insecticidal soap.
  • Keep trash areas clean and lids on trash cans. Do not leave trash bags on the ground. Rats and mice can easily chew through them spreading their contents for other pests to enjoy.

The very last thing anyone wants to deal with is a pest problem.  The truth is, pests are sneaky and can circumvent our best defensive strategies. This is where professionals come in.  Corky’s Pest Control is a leading purveyor of comprehensive pest control services, in Southern California. Corky’s knows where pests hide, knows why they’re there and is expert at getting rid of pests.

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    Pests can cause a lot of trouble. Therefore, contact a pest control company as soon as possible if you find pests.


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