There is no tenting or moving out with termite spot treatments.

Termite Spot Treatment

Spot treatments are performed where termite activity is discovered.

Corky's Termite Subterrannean Termite Treatment

Drywood Termite Treatment

When you see little wood pellets, that can be a sign you have drywood termites.

Corky's Termite Subterrannean Termite Treatment

Local Treatment

Spot treatments are a convenient way to get rid of a small termite infested localized area.


The spot treatment process entails drilling small holes into the wood, and then injecting a dry termiticide, Termidor Dry®. As with all of our termite control methods, local spot treatments are guaranteed for four years. This method of termite control is designed to target local points of infestation. If your property has more than three localized areas that need attention, a more appropriate solution may be recommended.

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If termites re-infest an area that we have previously exterminated, we will re-treat that area, free of charge, for up to four years from the date of our original termite control treatment. Any ancillary expenses will be covered by the homeowner. Termite Control Guarantee is not transferable to a new home owner.

Corky's Termite Spot Treatment

Termite Treatment Solutions

Corkys’ has many termite control treatments. Call us for a free quote over the phone.

Corky's Termite Spot Treatment

Termite Protection

Defend your home with Corky’s year-round protection plan against drywood and subterranean termites.

Corky's Termite Spot Treatment

Termite Identification

What does a termite look like?

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