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Quick Facts No Tent Heat and Radar Treatment


No Tent Heat and Radar Treatment

It might sound like something out of a science fiction movie but the fact is, Corky’s No Tent Heat and Radar Termite Treatment process, for getting rid of drywood termites, is fact not fiction, and it Works!

Using radar detection equipment, to find termites inside structures, where their presence is undetectable by other means, is an industry breakthrough.

This Termite Radar Treatment is a viable alternative to fumigation for those who can’t move out of their homes or don’t choose to. This is a no moving out, no tenting option. It also eliminates the necessity for all the hard work of preparing for a fumigation. Sit back, and don’t mind us, we’ll exterminate the termites while you have a cup of coffee and read the morning paper, and we’ll do it fast and efficiently.

Termites never stop moving, thereby generating a lot of extra heat. Radar technology confirms movement within walls, by penetrating through most building materials (timber, brick, masonry, concrete, plaster board, drywall, plastic etc.) to locate and track termite and other insect activity. It also, detects heat and increased moisture levels which are also signs of infestation or other possible trouble.

Besides using our radar equipment to locate termites, this treatment program includes the direct injection of a termiticide into termite galleries that the radar, with it’s thermal sensor, has detected. The termiticide is completely encased in the wall voids, inside the wood members, inside the termite galleries, eliminating any possible outside exposure. Next, the entrance to galleries are plugged and repaired. It’s a direct kill. When the radar equipment determines that termites are active in attic areas, then this treatment process also includes a blast of heat (from our commercial heaters) effectively eradicating termites in that area. We’ve got them beat because, Termites can’t take the heat!

The “Hidden Enemy” isn’t hidden anymore!

Termites do not retreat and they never sleep and they always eat. But now they can never hide from Corky’s No Tent Heat and Radar Treatment!

In Southern California, Corky’s provides this protection plan to hundreds of our termite customers’ homes every year! Contact us today, call 1-800-901-1102!

Protect your home, after a termite treatment, from future termite infestations, with Corky’s “Termite Protection Plan“. It’s a year-round service that provides detection of and treatments for termite infestations by licensed professionals. Stop termites before they start damaging your home again! Corky”s Termite Protection Plan includes our famous “Corkys Ultimate Pest Control Service” that gets rid of Ants and Spiders and control ticks, whitefly, aphids and Mosquitoes on your property too!