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Corky’s Spider Control Service

Spiders are consummate hunters and killers and in the world of bugs, they are the equivalent of wolves, lions and sharks.

Spiders historically have found their nesting sites and prey in the wilds of open spaces, forests, scrub-lands, deserts and even on sandy beaches. With mankind encroaching on all of these habitats, spiders have evolved to also occupy our landscaped areas and some of them, have found their way inside our homes and other structures.

Keeping spiders out of our living spaces is a never-ending battle for most of us. So, when you get tired of swatting at, stomping on, or hunting for spiders, calling Corky’s Pest Control should be the next thing on your agenda.

Why? because, we know where they live, we know why they’re there, and we know how to get rid of them! Corky’s Pest Control has been successfully controlling spiders on customers properties for over 50 years in Southern California.

Corky’s Spider Control Service, targets areas of the structure of the home or building, that provides safe shelter or access to a food supply.

  • This means brushing eaves and overhangs even fences where spider webs are evident. Keeping eaves free of webbing means spiders aren’t hanging around finding access into the home through cracks and crevices.
  • Treating these same areas with effective state approved products for the elimination of spiders.
  • Treating around window casings and doorframes further blocks spider access into interior spaces.
  • Property perimeter wooden fencing is treated to help reduce spider populations.
  • Patio furniture is inspected and treated for hiding or nesting spiders.

Spiders are hard to control given the fact that they just don’t always walk onto properties. They parashoot in. Yes, spiders take to the air (ballooning) on silken threads, letting the winds determine where they will land. Most often they get tangled in bushes, shrubs and trees, roof tops, fencing, outdoor furniture and play equipment. They may even get wrapped around rearview mirrors and car antennas. Wherever they land, they will attempt to set up housekeeping.

Corky’s Ultimate Pest Control Service takes spider control to the max. It is a uniquely developed system that combines, physically removing webs, treating areas using state approved materials for the elimination of spiders and consistently applying these measures in a timely manner. What’s most important, is its constancy, and sustainability, for without these, spiders are sure to re-infest.

Since spiders are a sign that there may be other insects in abundance on your property, Corky’s Ultimate Pest Control Service, for ants and spiders, includes treatments to control plant insects (aphids and whitefly), ticks, mosquitoes and more.

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