These services are performed after rat populations have been reduced outside.

Cleaning rat debris – Rats can create an astonishing amount of damage and contamination in a short period of time. Unsanitary rat feces, urine, carcasses and other waste pose a health hazard. We remove the rodent droppings and other disgusting filth. Removing the contamination reduces the hazardous waste and removes the pheromone scent trail left behind. During the clean-up process, we employ HEPA filter AIR SCRUBBERS to dramatically reduce airborn dust and rodent contaminants. Any contaminated or damaged insulation is also removed and can be replaced for an additional fee.

Rat Sanitation Service
Sanitizing rat-infested areas – Rats can spread diseases to humans directly through feces, urine, saliva or bites. They can also spread diseases indirectly through their ticks, mites and fleas.
We provide a sanitation service to help cleanse the areas where the rats are found.

Exclusion Service
Exclusion is an important rodent control technique that prevents rats physically, from entering the interior of your home. Rats can enter structures through almost any opening – even those as small as a quarter, therefore closing holes in structures, especially around plumbing pipes and air-conditioning ducts, repairing screens, and adding door sweeps are a few of the components of our exclusion service.

Air Duct Cleaning Service
It’s not uncommon for rats and insects to find their way directly into an airduct system.
Therefore, a truly comprehensive rat clean-up and sanitation service should include a thorough air duct cleaning. Contaminants from rat debris and dust, including that from old insulation, work they’re way into air duct systems and become a part of what you breath, as you use your forced air and air conditioning systems.

Our factory trained technicians employ state of the art air duct cleaning technology and equipment to perform your air duct cleaning. This service is an additional offering and is priced separately.

Here’s what we do;

  1. A pre-inspection is conducted with a special duct inspection camera.
  2. Technicians begin cleaning all interior surfaces in the direction of air flow using mechanical agitation, contact vacuuming, and a combination of brushes and power whips.
  3. Sanitation products are used to further ensure a clean air duct system and a healthy home environment.


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