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Corky’s Pest Control Services

At Corky’s Pest Control, we have been serving Los Angeles residents for over 50 years with reliable and comprehensive pest control services. Our pest control company can eliminate termites, get rid of ant colonies, remove rodents, and much more. If you see any signs of wildlife or pests in your home or yard, we’re here to help. Our treatments are effective, pet-friendly, and sustainable. Call us today to schedule pest control for your Los Angeles home.

Corky’s: Your Trusted Pest Control Experts Since 1967

At Corky’s, we’ve been offering effective pest control services to Southern California residents since 1967. By providing all of our personnel with in-depth training and staying up-to-date with the newest technology, we’re able to keep customers satisfied and meet their needs. If you notice signs of spiders, ants, bed bugs, or any other pests in your home, call us today to schedule our pest control services.

Los Angeles Pest Control

We offer a wide selection of pest control services, including everything from wasp removal to termite fumigation. When you contact our pest control company, we’ll inspect your home and property to determine the most effective treatment. Before applying any treatment, we’ll locate where the pests are nesting to ensure thorough eradication.

Spider Treatment

Spider Control

If you’ve attempted to rid your home of spiders in the past, it might seem like an impossible endeavor. Even if you remove one from your home, another could pop up the very next day. The best way to control spiders and keep them out is by scheduling our Los Angeles pest control services.

We apply high-quality treatments to eaves, casings, and door frames to make your home less appealing to spiders. Our team will also place an effective treatment at specific areas outside of your home to keep them far away from your windows and doors. All our treatments are low-impact to minimize the risk to people and pets.

Bed Bug Removal

While bed bugs can appear at any time of the day, they most often come out at night. If you find tiny shell casings around your window or bed, you might have a bed bug infestation in your home. You should also be on the lookout for red bites on your arms and legs. These insects can leave behind bloody spots on your sheets as well.

The issue with having bed bugs in your home is that they are nearly impossible to remove on your own. At Corky’s Pest Control, our exterminator uses highly effective bed bug removal techniques that don’t leave a single insect behind.

Bed Bug Removal
Ant Treatment

Ant Control

If you notice an ant in your home, it’s not immediately cause for concern. However, a single colony can contain over 100,000 ants. Efficient ant control services may be necessary to prevent an infestation or remove one before it causes any more damage to your home. We can apply our ant treatments along driveway edges, foundation areas, and sidewalks. We’ll spray this solution around the entire perimeter of your home as well.

Flea Control

If you have a dog or cat, flea control is necessary to prevent disease and keep your home from being damaged. From tapeworms to anemia, these pests can carry many diseases, which is why you must eradicate them immediately. To ensure your pets remain healthy, we’ll apply two applications of our treatment. The second application takes place two weeks after the first. We’ll also perform a follow-up inspection to make sure there are no remaining fleas in your home.

fleas on dog
General Pest Control Services

Bee & Wasp Removal

If you have a beehive or wasp nest on your property, it may be difficult for you to enjoy the outdoors. Your pets or children might not be safe when they venture outside. Stepping anywhere near a nest can be dangerous, which is why it’s best to request our bee and wasp removal services when you detect these winged insects. Our removal services include everything from bee-proofing and insect elimination to hive relocation. Our goal is to make sure the colony stays together.

Mosquito Treatment

While mosquitoes are often harmless, they are known to carry numerous severe diseases, which include Malaria and the West Nile Virus. We offer comprehensive mosquito services that can be applied to any area where they are detected. Along with trees and bushes, we can apply our mosquito treatment to your entire yard. You can schedule our mosquito control services whenever you need them. However, it’s best to request these services monthly from May to October.

aedes mosquito suck on skin
rat control

Rodent Control

Rats, mice, and ground squirrels are just a few of the numerous types of rodents that can get into your Los Angeles property. Before applying the treatment, our team will inspect your property to identify food and water sources as well as possible nesting areas and entry points. If the infestation is severe, we may need to visit your home numerous times to get it under control. Our rodent control treatments are pet-friendly.

Termite Tenting & Fumigation

Termites are attracted to the cellulose that’s found in wood, cardboard, and similar materials. With the sharp teeth they have, these insects eat constantly, which is why they can cause thousands of dollars in damage before you even detect them. Because of how damaging these insects are, we implement the most powerful solutions. Our tenting and fumigation services use sulfuryl fluoride to eliminate termites in just two to three days.

termite fumigation tent

Gopher Removal

If you see holes in your yard and find that the vegetation in your garden has been eaten, you may have a gopher problem. Gophers tend to make their homes in any yard that is an excellent source of roots, seeds, and grass. We tailor our gopher removal services to each Los Angeles property to make sure they’re effective. After safely removing the gophers in your yard, we’ll visit your home several times in the future to prevent them from returning.

Wildlife Control

From opossums and skunks to raccoons and lizards, Los Angeles is home to many species and types of wildlife. While Southern California wildlife is often harmless, you don’t want these animals living on your property 24/7. If you have found raccoons raiding your trash cans or have noticed a skunk living under your porch, give us a call. Wildlife can damage your home and bite electrical wires, the latter of which can cause a fire. Our team knows how to efficiently remove wildlife as well as any odors or waste that were left behind.

Call Corky’s Pest Control today at (800) 901-1102 to schedule any of our services for your Los Angeles home!

Wildlife - Racoon

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