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The most asked questions about gophers are: (1.) Why my yard and (2.) where did they suddenly come from?

The easiest answers are:

Gophers migrate from neighboring properties where populations have gotten out of control, or where food sources have become scarce. They also have a preference for cool, soft, well irrigated soil with good drainage and lots of tasty plants. So, as to why they pick your property, it may be that yours is just what they are looking for!

The most important thing to understand about gophers, is that they do not discriminate between, fields, forests, gardens, lawns, your yard or that of your neighbor. Wherever food is plentiful, that’s where the gophers will be. Like all living creatures, they need food, water and shelter to survive, and our Southern California properties provide these commodities in abundance.

To understand gophers, let’s start with some Gopher basics. There are 5 species of gophers found in California, but the most notorious and numerous, in Southern California, is the Botta’s Pocket Gopher.

Pocket gophers are herbivorous and feed on a wide variety of vegetation, but mostly prefer fresh, tasty plants, shrubs, and trees, feeding on tender stalks and roots. They are burrowing rodents, designed primarily as digging machines. Their talent for digging holes and ruining landscapes is legendary.

Being highly territorial, these rodents will defend their burrows to the death from another gopher. Other than in mating season, they will seek exclusive control of large territories that can exceed 2000 square ft. and a network of tunnels can total a mile in length. And by the way, their tunnels can be as deep as 6 ft. underground.

Pocket gophers are loners except during the breeding season (spring and summer) or when females have young with them. The young develop quickly, remain in the nest for five to six weeks, and then wander off above ground to form their own territories. This is why, in the spring and summer, you will see gophers scampering above ground.

Gophers are one the most frustrating creatures to invade Southern California properties. Just when you think you have gotten rid of them, they reappear with a vengeance, leaving your yard or gardens looking like a battlefield.

This is why Corky’s Pest Control’s Gopher Control Service is so important. It alleviates the stress caused by unsuccessful, do-it-yourself failures, by eliminating active gophers and keeping others away from our customers properties. And we do this with a consistent, proven successful, treatment plan that uses our Gopher X Machine in combination with non-toxic repellants to establish a year-round gopher maintenance program that’s perfect for customers who’s properties are subject to constant invasion from neighboring yards, fields and open spaces.
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