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Flies appear in outside locations whenever and wherever food sources are abundant. They feed on decaying plant and animal matter, and they require a source of moisture. Breeding, hatching and larval (maggot) development are all accelerated in darkness.

It is absolutely correct, to refer to flies as, filthy insects. Their habit of feeding on feces and other rotting materials (plant and animal) makes them the vector of a variety of human ailments including anthrax, typhoid, cholera, tuberculosis, dysentery, food poisoning and stomach ulcers.

The house fly is the most common species in Southern California, to infest homes. They have very short life spans (about a week) but under the right conditions, can multiply quickly. Female house flies usually only mate once but can give birth to about 100 eggs 4 to 5 times during their lives. These flies congregate around windows, on floors, walls and ceilings. They are usually only active during the day but at night they can be found hiding out about 15 feet off the floor and next to a food source.

Outside, house flies prefer staying around plants, garbage cans and ground areas that are moist and covered with yard debris.

House flies can only feed on liquids (they have no teeth). They liquify their meals, by spitting and regurgitating, then suck up the resulting liquid. This is a good reason to never eat or drink what a fly has been feasting on.

Besides the grayish-black house fly, several other kinds of flies are found in the home. They are all nuisance flies, meaning they are annoying or can spread diseases to people and domestic animals by biting or carrying disease causing pathogens. Control measures for these various flies are the same as for the house fly, although the elimination of larval sources and habitat varies between species.

Corky’s Pest Control has a Fly Control Service designed to control infestations of flies in the landscape and around structure exteriors. Interior services are not always needed but can be done upon request. Here is what we do:

  • We treat the areas, around the home or structure, where flies, live, rest and breed. Treatment products for the control of flies are applied to the home and landscape areas (lawns, bushes and shrubs).
  • Fly treatments can be performed upon request. The usual frequency for treatment is once a month and more frequently between March and October which is “fly season”.
  • As an added feature to our service offerings, an outdoor party/event service can be scheduled to keep flies (mosquitoes) to a minimum during events. This is priced starting at $149 for up to 14,000 sq ft of event space.

Additional treatments are charged per application, unless you’re on Corky’s Ultimate Pest Control Service program for ants and spiders that also includes guaranteed protection for ticks, aphids, whitefly and mosquitoes. Once you have completed an initial Fly Control Service, fly control maintenance can be added at our low customer price. You save money and we keep flies under control all year long.

Corky’s Ultimate Pest Control Service with added fly prevention works! Call Corky’s Pest Control to put an end to nuisance flies at 1-800-901-1102 or schedule a service online, today.