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Basic steps to ensure a successful Fly Control Service.

​​​​​​An effective fly control service depends on maintaining cleanliness, avoiding over-watering and eliminating openings into the structure.

  • Practice good sanitation inside. Don’t give them a reason to fly in. Wipe up sticky messes, get rid of old fruit stored on counters, take the trash out often and wash the dirty dishes.
  • Over watering house plants only gives flies a water source but provides a perfect medium for breeding.
  • Outside make sure to keep trash in lidded containers and have it removed often. Food and other trash items provide a banquet for flies, and they will invite all their friends and relatives to the feast.
  • Keep the yard clean. Pick up grass clippings and other yard waste including fallen leaves, vegetables and fruit. Decaying organic matter provides a perfect environment for breeding.
  • Pick up after pets and deposit droppings in trash cans. Don’t leave pet food outside and clean up feeding areas where food crumbs accumulate. Change pet water often.
  • Remove standing, stagnant water. Don’t overwater.
  • Keep compost piles well away from structures.
  • Maintain the integrity of the home. Fix broken screens and windows and repair cracks and crevices denying flies access to the interior.
  • If flies begin to re-infest make sure you inform your technician and let him/her know where you are seeing them. This way targeted treatment will provide better control.
  • Catching a problem in the making is easier than trying to eliminate one that has gotten out of hand.

Corky’s Fly Control Service was created to eliminate and control fly infestations on our customers properties. One-time (initial) services can eliminate or reduce an immediate problem, but reinfestations can happen quickly, as flies migrate from neighboring properties. A consistent prevention service is important to keep them away from your property and out of your home.

Corky’s Ultimate Pest Control Service, is a year-round treatment program for ants and spiders which also includes guaranteed control and preventative measures for aphids, whitefly, ticks, mosquitoes and more. After your initial Fly Control Service, fly control maintenance can be added at our customer discount rate. You save money and control flies year-round.