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  • When possible, keep lawns mowed, garden plants pruned, and yard areas clear of clutter to reduce hiding places for fleas.
  • Keep fence lines and perimeter walls free of tall grasses and prune dense foliage next to them. Don’t forget to prune barrier hedges that surround the property. These areas are frequented by roving animals, such as mice, rats, feral cats, skunks and opossums (to name a few) and are most likely to be where these creatures drop off their fleas.
  • Make sure your pets are protected against fleas. Pets are the primary way for most fleas to hitch a ride inside your home, so making sure they are up to date on flea and tick prevention is essential. Even with prevention medications, it’s important to do regular inspections of your pets for fleas, especially of those that spend time outside.
  • Eliminate rat-friendly spaces. Removal and exclusion of mice and rats in and around buildings is an important step in any flea control program. If rodents are taking up residence on your property, be sure to let your technician know as soon as possible or contact our office for an effective Rat Control Service. Their presence can and will impact flea control on your property.
  • Protect yourself and your family from fleas. Don’t bring them home with you. When spending time in the great outdoors, whether hiking, biking or just out for a stroll, be aware of your surroundings. Stay away from areas that could harbor fleas and be sure to check yourself and have others check for hitchhiking fleas on clothing (socks, pant cuffs), camping equipment and bedding before returning home.
  • Your vacuum cleaner is a great flea elimination tool for your home and car. Use it often!

Corky’s Flea Control Service was created to eliminate an immediate flea infestation. Reinfestations can happen quickly, therefor a prevention service is important.

Corky’s Ultimate Pest Control Service, is a year-round treatment program for ants and spiders which also includes control measures for ticks, aphids, whitefly and mosquitoes. Once you have completed an initial Flea Control Service, prevention of fleas can be added at no extra charge. Maintain flea control with this Ultimate Pest Control Service.