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Basic steps to ensure a successful Fabric Pest Control Service.

Preventing the return of fabric pests, whether it be clothes moths or carpet beetles, after a control service, takes a little work, but the results are worth it.

  • Clean out your closets periodically, remove everything and vacuum them out.
  • Wash or dry clean all your clothes. Even seldom warn clothes need a good cleaning to prevent damage from fabric pests.
  • Vacuum carpets, curtains and upholstery regularly. Periodically shampoo carpets, wash or dry clean draperies, and shampoo upholstery.
  • Store your woolen items in zip-lock bags or an airtight cedar chest.
  • Use cedar. You might Invest in cedar hangers. Put cedar chips, sticks or blocks in your drawers.
  • Use moth balls. Place moth balls in your closet.
  • Check clothing for moth holes or fraying.
  • Inspect used clothing and furniture items including carpets for signs of fabric pests. Clean them before bringing into your home.
  • Keep dry and moderate temperatures. Hot and moist environments encourage fabric pests.

Corky’s Fabric Pest Control Service was created to control various fabric pests (cloths moths and carpet beetles) from infesting homes and damaging property. One-time (initial) services can eliminate or reduce an immediate problem, but reinfestations can happen quickly if preventative measures are not implemented, and re-infestations are not addressed immediately.

Corky’s Ultimate Pest Control Service, a year-round treatment program for ants and spiders also includes control and preventative measures for aphids, whitefly, ticks, mosquitoes and more. This service keeps insect pests controlled in your yard and out of your home. Corky’s Ultimate Pest Control Service customers enjoy substantial discounts on other services.