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Basic steps to ensure a successful Earwig Control Service.

Earwigs, also known as “pincher bugs “are outdoor insects and most often find their way inside by accident or when seeking shelter during prolonged periods of hot, dry weather. They wander from neighboring properties or we unwittingly bring them into our homes.

Even after a service you need to:

  • Reduce earwig habitat and limit entry into homes by keeping compost piles, firewood, rock piles or fallen logs away from the home or removing them entirely.
  • Inspect firewood for earwigs before you bring it into the house. Also inspect new potted plants.
  • Don’t overwater. Moisture attracts earwigs and keep your home in good repair.
  • Keep foundation areas free of clutter so that your technician can have access to this area that is so vulnerable to earwigs.
  • Thin dense foliage and cut tall grasses. Let the sun in to dry out over-moist areas and to give your technician access to areas frequented by earwigs.
  • Earwigs love to hide in storage boxes, bags and packing materials. Check these for stowaways before you bring them into your house.
  • After a control service, Keep an eye out for earwigs. Occasionally earwigs may wander in from neighboring properties. Head off invasions with a consistent, prevention service.

Corky’s Earwig Control Service was created to eliminate and control an earwig infestation. One-time (initial) services can eliminate or reduce an immediate problem, but reinfestations can happen quickly. A consistent prevention service is needed to keep them off your property and out of your house.

Once an initial earwig service has been completed, guaranteed earwig prevention can be added to Corky’s Ultimate Pest Control Service. This year-round control treatment program for ants and spiders, also includes preventative measures for aphids, whitefly, ticks, mosquitoes and more. There is no extra charge to add earwigs after the intial treatment has been done..