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Do-it-yourself pest CONTROL 


Helpful things you can do to prevent pests in your landscape.


Here are do-it-yourself pest control recommendations for specific pests.

Do-it-yourself Landscape pest CONTROL 

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Here are some do-it-yourself things to do for a pest-free landscape:
Outside Prevention


What works best to prevent pests and keep them from entering your home? First, eliminate their water and food sources.
Ants and rodents often enter your home in search of water found in the sink traps of your kitchen, bathrooms, laundry room and garage. 

  • Keep the plantings in your landscape healthy and free of insects. Give your plants a bath; it promotes good health and knocks plant-sucking insects to the ground where they will most likely die reducing a major food source for ants.
  • Minimize access to water. Fix leaky faucets and irrigation equipment. Practice water conservation and do not over-water.
  • Do not leave pet food or pet watering bowls outside.
  • Keep trash bins covered and away from the house. Clean your trash bins regularly.
  • Pick up fallen fruit from under trees and rotting vegetables from gardens.​
  • ​Clean up woodpiles and remove other debris that can create hiding places for spiders and the insects they eat.
  • Keep shrubs pruned and far enough away from your home to allow plenty of sunlight and air.
  • Remove webs from eaves, fences, play structures, patio furniture, decks, and other items in your yard.
  • Keep trash bins covered and away from the house. Clean your trash bins as regularly as possible.
  • Use yellow or sodium vapor bulbs for outdoor lighting to reduce the lights' attractiveness to insects that are the food source for spiders.
  • ​Mow or trim tall grasses.
  • Maintain your property so that there are no standing water sources such as a neglected or out of order swimming pool, hot tub, spa, pond or fountain. Empty rain barrels, cans, buckets, jars, flower pots, old tires, toys or anything else that can hold water. Stagnant water provides the perfect breeding grounds. Well maintained water features with good water circulation discourages mosquito breeding. Moving water will effectively drown mosquito larva.
  • Reduce watering in landscaped areas. Avoid creating puddles and overly damp grassy areas. Mosquitoes will breed in less than ¼ inch of water.
  • Cut back dense foliage to open areas to the sun. This takes away resting areas, encourages moisture evaporation and improves plant health.

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