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Things you can do to discourage whiteflies

Here are some do-it-yourself whitefly control recommendations:

Coat plants with neem oil
Plant Marigolds

Do-it-yourself WHITEFLY control service

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Blast plants with water
Spray under leaves

• Spray plants with a strong blast of water to knock whiteflies off the leaves. Spray the bottom of each leaf since whiteflies tend to congregate and lay their eggs there.

• Spray plants with insecticidal soap paying attention to the underside of the leaves. Follow up two or three times to take down a high population then periodically as needed.

• Ladybugs and spiders may help control whitefly population. Other predator insects include, green lacewings, minute pirate bugs, big eyed bugs, wasps, and damsel bugs.

• Some garden and hardware stores sell yellow sticky traps, which may be useful in monitoring and trapping adult whiteflies.

• A homemade mixture from the Old Farmers’ Almanac to control and deter whiteflies: In a 32-ounce spray bottle mix 2 parts rubbing alcohol, 5 parts water, and 1 tablespoon liquid soap. Spray the mixture on the foliage of garden plants that are susceptible to these pests.

• In the case of heavy infestation, prune the most affected branches and leaves, then dispose of them. Make sure to put them in a bag and close it properly and/or burn the affected leaves to avoid the spreading of the whitefly.

• Plant marigolds around those plants that are susceptible to whitefly infestation. Marigold (not pot marigold or calendulas) is a plant that tends to repel whiteflies.

• Vacuum infested leaves in the early morning or evening with a hand-held vacuum cleaner. This will remove both adult and baby whiteflies. To kill the whiteflies.

• Coat the plants’ leaves and stems thoroughly with neem oil. You must cover the entire plant, including the bottoms of leaves, with the oil for it to work as intended. It reduces insect feeding causing starvation and acts as a repellent.

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Lady bugs eat aphids
Cut back infested parts of plants