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When you don’t have the time or the inclination to implement the needed procedures to safeguard your landscape plants and gardens from spiders, consider Corky’s Ultimate Service Plan and let us, do the work for you. Call 1-800-901-1102.

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Here are some do-it-yourself spider control recommendations:
Outside Spider Prevention

Prune shrubs
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Inside Spider Prevention

  • Vacuum up spiders, egg cases, and webs. Use the crevice tool to get into all cracks and crevices. Your vacuum is your most effective spider-control tool !
  • Remove clutter and control humidity in attics, basements, and other dark areas. Seal stored boxes with tape or use plastic storage boxes with tight-sealing lids.
  • ​Install or repair screens, don’t leave unscreened windows or doors standing open.
  • Spiders generally enter homes through cracks and crevices around the foundation, or doors and windows. Install door sweeps. Seal or caulk entry points and make sure windows and doors fit tightly.
  • The use of pesticides indoors may help control other insects that spiders feed on, but they don’t provide long-term spider control.Corky’s is here to provide the best spider and pest control service. Let us save you time, money and frustration of doing it yourself - call us today !
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To keep spiders out of your home, seal or close any entry points into your home.
What's the best way to keep spiders from entering your home? First, close any holes, gaps or openings around your home. Keep things tidy, clean and bright. Most spiders remain outside but they will seek warmth and shelter inside if they come across an easy entry point.​​

  • Clean up woodpiles and remove other debris that can create hiding places for spiders and the insects they eat.
  • Keep shrubs pruned and far enough away from your home to allow plenty of sunlight and air.
  • Remove webs from eaves, fences, play structures, patio furniture, decks, and other items in your yard.
  • Keep trash bins covered and away from the house. Clean your trash bins as regularly as possible.
  • Use yellow or sodium vapor bulbs for outdoor lighting to reduce the lights' attractiveness to insects that are the food source for spiders.

Helpful things you can do to prevent spiders from entering your home.