Hand Picking
Inverted Flower Pot
Egg Shells

Here are some do-it-yourself snail and slug control recommendations:

1. Hand Picking
Handpicking and disposing of slugs and snails can be very effective if done thoroughly and on a regular basis. This method decreases the number of adults, decreasing egg production and overall adult populations. You can do this by day, in the early morning hours, or at night with a flashlight and gather them by hand and drop them in a trash bag for disposal.

2. Lures and Traps
This methods’ goal is to draw snails and slugs out of the flowerbeds into what they think is a safe haven. You can do this by laying any of these on the ground:

  • A flat board
  • Inverted cabbage leaves
  • Inverted orange, grapefruit, or citrus rinds
  • You can also use an inverted flower pot (prop one edge up slightly)

The slugs and snails will crawl under these items to get away from the light, and heat of the sun, and in the morning, all you need to do is dump them into the trash, if pests are present, then replace your lure or trap. Be sure to check your lures and traps daily.

3. Beer or Yeast & Honey Mixture

Snails and slugs are attracted to the scent of stale beer or a mixture of yeast and honey.

  • Put out a saucer filled with the yeast and honey mixture
  • Sink it into the ground so the top of the saucer is at ground level

Slugs and snails will get into the mixture and drown. Keep in mind this will only reliably kill slugs if the trap is deep enough so that slugs can’t reach over the top to get out. So, in the case of slugs, use a deeper trap like a deep yogurt container, or a deep plastic cup. Something that is too deep for a slug to climb out of, so it drowns in the mixture. Check the container daily to make sure a frog or something else hasn’t accidentally fallen in, and also to empty and refill every couple of days.

4. Scratchy Things
Scratchy things such as crushed eggshells, sandpaper, cinders, wood ashes, and diatomaceous earth (this will need replacing if it gets wet), work well as barriers. Again, this method will not kill the snails and slugs, but it will slow them down.
Another scratchy material they don’t like to cross is sandpaper. You can make sandpaper collars to put around your plants if you have the inclination.
Cut doughnuts from sheets of sandpaper, or use used sandpaper discs from orbital sanders. Cut a slit in the center of each circle, and slip the collars around the stems, laying the sandpaper discs on the ground.

5. Copper Deterrents
Snails and slugs cannot tolerate copper; it gives them a slight electrical shock on contact. Keep in mind that copper creates a barrier only. It won’t kill them. It will only keep them out of an area that doesn’t already have a problem.

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