Basic steps to ensure a successful Rat Control Service

  • When possible, keep yard areas clear of clutter to reduce hiding places for rats. Your technician appreciates a clear field to spot rat evidence and to apply his expert skills to get rid of them.
  • Well-kept lawns and gardens reduce the amount of food available to rats and brings to light hidden areas of infestation.
  • Watering schedules should be maintained, and broken pipes and sprinklers fixed. Rats need water to survive. Overwatering encourages them to hang around.
  • Keep pet food in closed containers and never leave it outside in open dishes, especially overnight. Clean up under and around bird feeders — rats are attracted to nuts and seeds. Pick up fallen fruit from the ground, and harvest your fruit and garden produce regularly. Clean your BBQ well – rats love leftovers and even a little grease can attract them!
  • Keep your garbage cans lidded and never leave trash in plastic bags outside​.
  • Finally, Exclusion is an important rodent control technique that prevents rats from getting into your homed. Rats can enter structures through almost any opening — even those as small as half an inch in height or width. Depriving them of access to interior spaces goes a long way to maintaining a rat-controlled environment.

These suggestions are all geared to deprive rats of what they need most in order to survive. Safe harborage (shelter), Water and Food.

It is important to call if you see activity between services. A quick response keeps rats under control.

Rat Control is only successful when we work together to accomplish our mutual goals: keeping rats out of your yard, away from your home and out of your house. Combining these measures with Corky’s Rat Control Service is our path to a successful rat control program.