Corky's DIY Mouse Control Service
Corky's DIY Mouse Control Service
Corky's DIY Mouse Control Service

Basic steps to ensure a successful Mouse Control Service

  • When possible, keep lawns mowed, garden plants pruned, and yard areas clear of clutter to reduce hiding places for mice. Eliminate protective areas that mice could use to hide from predators as they attempt to gain entry to your home.
  • Keep fence lines and perimeter walls free of tall grasses and prune dense foliage next to them. These areas are frequented by roving animals (mice) looking for food, water and safe shelter.
  • Store wood piles 20 feet or more from your home and never directly against the foundation. Mice will use this as shelter in the warmer months and then move from there into your home in cooler weather.
  • Pick up fallen fruit and clean up around bird feeders. Don’t leave pet food outdoors. Fix leaky faucets, and irrigation lines.
  • Practice good sanitation both inside and outside the home and other buildings. Place trash in closed receptacles. Inside, don’t leave food on counters or dishes in the sink. Wipe kitchen counters and sweep kitchen floors to remove food particles. Refrain from taking food into bedroom areas where uneaten food and crumbs are often overlooked.
  • Protect yourself and your family from invading mice. Inspect your home for any access points. Mice can get through a space as small as ¼ inch in diameter. Fill holes and cracks with steel wool. Be sure to plug any small holes around utility lines entering the home.
  • Add Door sweeps to exterior doors including the garage door, fix broken window screens and ventilation screening in foundation areas and attic vents.

These basic steps encourage mice to look elsewhere for life’s necessities: food, water and safe shelters.

Corky’s Mouse Control Service was created to eliminate an immediate infestation of mice, then to provide an annual maintenance program. Corky’s Ultimate Pest Control Service, is a year-round treatment program guaranteed to get rid of ants and spiders and control ticks, whitefly, aphids, and mosquitoes. Once you have had an initial Mouse control service, mice control can be added to the Ultimate Pest Control Service (no charge).