Exclude wildlife from your property.

Corky's DIY Flea Control Service
Corky's DIY Flea Control Service
Corky's DIY Flea Control Service

Here are some do-it-yourself flea control recommendations:

Outside Prevention

An effective flea control program takes into consideration, possible wildlife problems, domestic animals that are a part of your household and those that are not. Regular lawn maintenance and yard sanitation aids in the control of fleas by limiting the habitat of stray animals seeking comfort. The use of prevention products in the landscape and protection products administered directly to household pets will also contribute to keeping your property flea free. Whether it’s outside in the yard or inside the home, preventing fleas involves denying these pests what they need most to survive; food, water and shelter.

Yard sanitation is an important condition in the elimination and prevention of these insects. Outdoor infestation problems are from a lack of simple yard and lawn maintenance, the presence of flea infested wildlife, fleas on pets and often by stray animals. 


  • Maintain yards and landscape plantings. Keep grass mowed, dense foliage pruned and vegetative litter raked and disposed of to reduce hiding places and areas conducive to insect harborage.
  • Practice water conservation and don’t over water. These pests need moisture to survive so getting rid of damp areas in the landscape goes a long way in their elimination. Fix leaks in irrigation systems, faucets, and hoses.
  • Let in the sun. A sunny yard is not an ideal habitat as they cannot tolerate hot sun for long periods. Frequently mowing your lawn exposes the soil to sunshine, keeping it dry and inhospitable. You can also prune bushes and trim trees to open them up to the sun.
  • Use natural deterrents in landscaped areas. Given fleas’ aversion to the smell of cedar chips try incorporating them decoratively so they have a permanent place in your yard. You will want to place the chips in those shady areas that fleas frequent, especially where your pets hangout, as well as under the porch, in dog runs and bedding, and near outdoor furniture. You can mow right over cedar chips, turning them into a fine powder that will still repel the fleas. Remember to frequently replenish the chips as they are most effective when fresh
Corky's DIY Flea Control Service
Corky's DIY Flea Control Service
Corky's DIY Flea Control Service

Inside Prevention

  • Vacuum, Vacuum, Vacuum. Vacuuming the home often goes a long way in preventing infestations from starting or eliminating an existing one. Be sure to vacuum in areas where your pet hangs out including carpeted areas, furniture and in your car. This will clean up as many fleas, eggs, larvae and pupae as possible. Use the crevice tool to get into all cracks and crevices. Clean out the vacuum and dispose of vacuum bags immediately. Don’t give fleas a chance to escape the vacuum and begin re-infesting.
  • Check yourself. Make a point of shaking out clothing and socks after walks in the park, hikes and other outdoor activities. Don’t forget to shake out and wash picnic blankets, tents and sleeping bags before storing them.
  • Treat cats and dogs for fleas with medicines like Frontline,® Advantage® or K9 Advantix,® or with what a veterinarian recommended but not flea collars, before bringing pets back into the treated home.
  • Wash pet bedding, rugs, blankets and cloth toys frequently. Washing in hot water and machine drying will destroy these parasites.

If you need to stop the fleas from biting, call Corky’s for flea relief now. 1-800-901-1102​

When you don’t have the time or the inclination to implement the needed procedures to safeguard your landscape plants and gardens from fleas, consider Corky’s Ultimate Pest Control Service and let us, do the work for you.