Helpful things you can do to prevent aphids.

Wipe Plants
Prune Bush
Water Hose

Here are some organic do-it-yourself methods for getting rid of aphids:

  • If you have a small infestation, simply wipe the aphids off with your hand or a soft cloth. Check back every day or two and repeat until you stop seeing them. If the infestation is contained to one or two stalks or branches, prune off the affected portion(s) and drop them into a bucket of soapy water to kill the aphids.
  • A blast of water from the hose gets rid of aphids. It knocks them to the ground where they are unable to return to the plant. You’ll need to repeat this process if you see any more aphids on your plants. Be careful when using this method on new or fragile plants, too forceful a spray could damage the plant.
  • Insecticidal soap works well on aphids, if you find that wiping or spraying them off with water just isn’t giving you the results you need. Make sure you spray the undersides of the leaves, that’s where they appear most often.
  • Homemade sprays, such as those made from tomato leaves or garlic oil, work very well to diminish large aphid infestations. You’ll want to apply these treatments when there’s no rain in the forecast, and out of strong sunlight (morning is a good time to do this.) Also, these are non-selective pesticides, so they will harm any beneficial insects as well.
  • Introduce beneficial insects, especially lacewings and ladybugs and their larvae, into the garden. They are voracious predators and in great numbers will reduce an aphid infestation rather quickly.
  • Neem oil may be diluted in water and sprayed onto plants infested with aphids. The organic materials present in Neem oil act as a repellant against not only aphids, but also a wide array of other garden pests. Neem oil is also effective in controlling the spread of many types of fungus that infect plants.
  • Encourage the nesting of birds such as wrens, chickadees, and titmice around your garden. You can attract these aphid-eating predators by providing them free food and housing.
Spray Plants
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