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Basic steps to ensure a successful Ant Control Service.

Ants are scavengers and they are constantly looking for available water, food and shelter. Depriving them of these necessities will go a long way in keeping them off your property and out of your home.

  • When possible, keep lawns mowed, garden plants pruned, and yard areas clear of clutter to reduce hiding places for Ants.
  • Keep the plantings in your landscape healthy and free of insects. Plant insects (aphids, whitefly etc.) impact the health of your plantings and are major food sources for ants. Give your plants a bath; it promotes good health and knocks plant-sucking insects to the ground where they will most likely die. This will reduce a major food source for ants.
  • Practice good sanitation measures, outside and inside your home.
  • Fix leaky faucets and irrigation equipment. Practice water conservation and do not over-water.
  • Do not leave pet food or pet watering bowls outside.
  • Keep trash bins covered and away from the house. Clean your trash bins and regularly take inside trash out of the house.
  • Pick up fallen fruit from under trees and rotting vegetables from gardens.

Corky’s Ant Control Service was created to eliminate and control ant infestations on our customers properties. One-time services can eliminate an immediate problem, but reinfestations can happen quickly, as ants migrate from neighboring properties. A consistent prevention service is important to keep them off your property and out of your home.

If you have ants, you most likely have other insect pests too. Corky’s Ultimate Pest Control Service is a year-round treatment program for ants and spiders which also includes control measures for aphids, whitefly, ticks and mosquitoes. Corky’s Ultimate Pest Control Service works and keeps pests controlled in your yard and out of your home.