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Inside Prevention

  • Practice good sanitation measures especially in the kitchen. Ants are attracted to the food we leave behind.
  • Cover food and liquid substances tightly and keep surfaces clean.
  • Sweep floors and vacuum your carpets. The tiniest crumbs can attract ants.
  • Always cover and seal the food that's not in the fridge.
  • Do not leave dirty dishes in the sink.
  • Keep trash cans and bins clean and take the trash out often.
  • Keep your countertops dry. Don't allow liquids to accumulate on counters and other surfaces. Ants look for water wherever they can find it.
  • Fix dripping faucets.​

Here are some do-it-yourself ant control recommendations:
Outside Prevention

Fixing Faucet


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what's an ANT look like? 

Black Widow Spider

What works best to keep ants from entering your home? First, eliminate their water and food sources.
Ants often enter your home in search of water found in the sink traps of your kitchen, bathrooms, laundry room and garage. Ants also feed on food found inside your home. It could be anything from a little juice or soda spilled on the floor or tabletop to crumbs on your furniture.
To help control ants, keep surfaces in your home, clean and dry.

  • Keep the plantings in your landscape healthy and free of insects. Give your plants a bath; it promotes good health and knocks plant-sucking insects to the ground where they will most likely die reducing a major food source for ants.
  • Minimize ants' access to water. Fix leaky faucets and irrigation equipment. Practice water conservation and do not over-water.
  • Do not leave pet food or pet watering bowls outside.
  • Keep trash bins covered and away from the house. Clean your trash bins regularly.
  • Pick up fallen fruit from under trees and rotting vegetables from gardens.
  • When an ant nest is found, take care of it immediately. Pouring hot, boiling water into an ant nest will kill the colony.​

Helpful things you can do to prevent ants from entering your home.

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