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Quick Facts Centipedes


Corky’s Centipede Control Service

Centipedes are found throughout the world, except Antarctica. They typically inhabit areas of high moisture, such as rotting logs, under stones, in trash, piles of leaves or under thick grass and dense bushes. The house centipede is aptly named and favors damp basements (sub-areas), bathrooms and kitchens and potted plants. Their need for moisture stems from the lack of a waxy cuticle (waxy layer covering the exoskeleton that prevents moisture loss) making them susceptible to dehydration and death.

Though their common name means “100 feet,” but centipedes can have a lot more or less than 100 legs, but never 100 exactly. However, regardless of the species, centipedes always have an odd number of leg pairs.

Centipedes eat insects, earthworms, spiders, slugs, earwigs, silverfish and other small animals and speed is their best hunting tool. Upon sensing prey, (they have very poor eyesight) they will move quickly to attack. Once they’ve captured their meal, they will inject a toxic venom to paralyze their prey before consuming it. Centipedes may also deliver a venomous, sting/bite if they are picked up or stepped on. Most however, don’t have the strength to pierce human skin. Having made this statement, you need to know that there is always an exception to a rule. Centipede bites can cause skin damage, bruising, blisters, inflammation, and even gangrene (if left unattended). Bites can be life threatening, to adults and especially children who are hypersensitive (allergic).

The best defense against a centipede infestation is quick and immediate action but getting rid of centipedes takes time and know-how and if they make it into the home (or business) they can be a real nuisance.

If getting rid of centipedes is just not how you want to spend your time at home or at the office, call in the professionals. We know why they are there, where they hide, and we are experts at getting rid of them.

Corky’s Pest Control has developed a Centipede Control Service that effectively eliminates an immediate infestation by:

  • Treating known harborage areas and beneath plantings with botanical or low impact treatments.
  • Thoroughly treating around window and door casing, eaves, foundations, and any cracks and crevices where centipedes are most likely to hide or gain access to interior spaces.
  • It’s not often that Interior treatments are necessary, but when needed an interior service is always accompanied by an exterior service.

Corky’s Ultimate Pest Control Service, provides the maintenance treatments necessary to keep centipedes controlled all year long. It will include, at no extra charge, guaranteed preventative treatments once an initial centipede control service has been performed. Our Ultimate Pest Control Service, controls Ants and Spiders and provides guaranteed preventative treatments for ticks, aphids, whitefly, mosquitoes and more. All the insects that attract centipedes to a property.

If Centipedes are causing you concern, call Corky’s at 1-800-901-1102 or go online and order a service, today!