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Basic steps to ensure a successful Centipede Control Service.

Centipedes are stealthy and mainly prefer to move about under the cover of night or in dark, damp places. They seek shelter under rocks or in woodpiles and in soil and leaf litter. The house centipede prefers living in basements and under cabinets in bathrooms and kitchens, where conditions are dark, cool and damp and where their favorite snacks, spiders, earwigs, silverfish, crickets, worms, etc., also congregate. Keep a look out for centipedes.

Even after a service you need to:

  • Reduce centipede habitat and limit entry into homes by keeping compost piles, firewood, rock piles or fallen logs away from the home or removing them entirely.
  • Don’t overwater. Excessive moisture will continue to attract centipedes from neighboring properties.
  • Thin dense foliage and cut tall grasses. Your technician needs to be able to find areas of or those that are ripe for infestation. Let the sun in so they can’t hide.
  • Keep them out of interior spaces by sealing holes, cracks or gaps in the foundation and repair or replace any damaged weather stripping. This will make your service more effective.
  • Take away their favorite foods by having other small pests eliminated too.
  • After a control service, an occasional centipede may wander in from neighboring properties or eggs may hatch foreshadowing a re-infestation. It’s important to take immediate action.

Safety Tip: Wear gloves when moving wood or rocks or when trying to catch a wayward centipede to avoid an unexpected bite. Bites can be painful and swelling at the bite site is common. Centipedes do inject venom and some people can be hypersensitive and have more extreme reactions than others.

Corky’s Centipede Control Service was created to eliminate and control a centipede infestation. One-time (initial) services can eliminate or reduce an immediate problem, but reinfestations can happen quickly. A consistent prevention service is important to keep them off your property and out of your home.

Once an initial centipede service has been completed, guaranteed centipede protection can be added to Corky’s Ultimate Pest Control Service. At no extra charge! This year-round treatment program for ants and spiders, also includes guaranteed control and preventative measures for aphids, whitefly, ticks, mosquitoes and more.