No more sleepless nights from bites.

$149 Bites In The Night Service

$149 Bites In The Night Service

One -time treatment starts at $149 and includes $75 box spring cover.
Additional treatments are charged per application.

Bites in the night treatment

Bites In The Night Treatment

Treatment control spiders and dust mites.

Sleep better knowing that the bugs are gone.

Sleep Well

Sleep better knowing that the bugs are gone.


Provides year-round control and preventative treatments for Ants, Spiders, Aphids, Whitefly, Ticks, Mosquitoes & more!

Corky’s effective plan stops what’s biting you in bed.​

Are you and your loved ones being kept awake at night from something mysterious biting you while in bed? These bites are usually attributed to either Bed Bugs or Spiders. We’ve designed a bed pest plan that stops the bites in the night. Newly developed methods and technologies have made it possible for us to provide this new effective service.

Bites in the Night service includes: Inspection • Special box spring cover • Botanical treatment​

Head Board Light
Mite Mattress Cover
Treatment Spray on baseboards

We find out what’s biting, treat for it and protect you from it.​​

Corky’s starts with an inspection to find the source of your nightly attackers. An appropriate treatment is applied infested areas. A specially treated box spring cover is installed to kill crawling pests and protect the box spring from future invasion. Additionally, a botanical treatment is applied to areas adjacent the bed to further stop the bugs from getting in bed with you.

Our unique service kills Bed Bugs and Spiders. Say goodbye to the dust mites too!​

Bed Bug
Dust Mites

Insects bites are for the most part not life threatening but look unsightly, irritate the skin and can get infected. Many pest infestations can cause adverse allergic reactions and compound symptoms of asthma.
After our service you can sleep bite free and have the confidence of knowing your bed is protected. Effective bed treatments for active or proactive treatments start as low as $149. This service is not a bed bug service.  If a bed bug infestation is discovered, the full price of the bed bug service will be discounted in the amount of $149, the price of the “Bites In The Night” service.


Wondering why there are ants in your kitchen?

Bites In The Night Treatment

Stop crawling pests from biting you.

We offer some DIY solutions to keep ants from entering your home.

Do-It-Yourself Bed Bug Control

These instructions will help prevent bugs in your bedroom.

More than 12,000 species of ants are known with about 700 found in the U.S.

Bed Bug Identification

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