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Corky’s Bat Control Service

While largely considered beneficial, bats can also be pests and can carry diseases and parasites. Problems often occur when migrating bats roost in buildings, usually during warmer months. Their droppings can accumulate, they can make noise, and some people are uncomfortable with bats in general. Bats can also transmit diseases, with rabies being a special concern.

Of the 25 species found in California, almost all are insectivores (with some consuming fruits or plant nectars) that feed on vast numbers of night-flying insects, making them an important part of the ecosystem. They are also seed dispersers and pollinators. In most cases, bats don’t cause problems for residents or gardeners, and because of their nocturnal habits, they are rarely seen. Because bats eat insects, they will also provide some control of insect pests in the landscape.

Bats are mammals. They have fur, are warm blooded, bare live young and produce milk with which to feed them. In appearance they look like small, winged rodents. In spring, female bats form colonies to give birth and rear young. Roosting sites include buildings, bridges, or other structures as well as caves or tree cavities. Adults leave roosts at night to forage for insects or other preferred food. Young bats develop rapidly, and most, can fly within a month or two after birth. Generally, males and females with young will roost separately, but in late summer or fall, males can join the colony. Bats are long lived (3 to 30 years) but they reproduce very slowly, having 1 pup per year at the least and maybe more depending on species.

Bats are excellent fliers and navigate using echolocation. They have no trouble snaping up mosquitoes in the dark.
Healthy bats will avoid humans and other animals. On rare occasions, a healthy bat may wander into a home while following insects. Bats are known carriers of Rabies. Whether bats are healthy or not they should never be handled. Bites from infected bats are rare, and most of the time in self-defense.

Bats also create unsanitary conditions when their droppings and urine accumulate beneath roosts, creating odors and attracting insects. These droppings are called guano. Although some use this excrement as a fertilizer, it is known to harbor bacteria and fungi that are harmful to humans and other animals. The fungi Histoplasma Capsulatum is known to cause a respiratory illness called Histoplasmosis. Human infection occurs while inhaling the spores present in the dry disturbed droppings. Anyone cleaning up guano deposits should be wearing proper protective equipment including face masks rated for this type of activity.

Bats don’t go anywhere without their close friends: fleas, mites, bat bugs (close relatives of bed bugs), flies, chiggers and ticks. So when cleaning up after bats, be prepared to also have the right treatment products on hand to get rid of these nasty pests, too.

Corky’s Pest Control has specifically designed a Bat Control Service that takes into consideration the types of bats inhabiting Southern California properties, their habits, harborage requirements and the laws protecting them.

  • An inspection of the property is always performed to establish areas of treatment and to form a plan of action.
  • The initial service starts with the completion of all recommendations of the Inspector. This may include mechanical abatement, chemical treatments for associated insects and parasites, cleaning and sanitation measures and repair of any bat related damages.

Our proven methods for gently discouraging bats from roosting in or on structures has been 100% effective.

A year-round maintenance program is essential to keep bats under control. Bats migrate from surrounding properties and will roost close to previous roosting areas. Our maintenance service begins 1 month after the initial service and continues monthly or quarterly depending on severity of infestation.

When bats become a nuisance and either appear in your home or somewhere on it, call Corky’s Pest Control at 1-800-901-1102 or contact us online.

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