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Corky’s Ant Control Service

Ants are a fascinating group of insects capable of achieving so many great things. They are also the most numerous living creatures on the planet.

Ants operate as a matriarchal society, led by a Queen of the colony. There are species that are multi queened, the Argentine ant for example. No matter how many queens are in the colony, the queen is a baby machine. After mating, in mid-air, the queen goes on to produce fertilized eggs and the male dies. Then eggs, babies and maturing adolescents are the responsibility of the workers.

Worker ants are the lifeblood of the colony. They are the food gathers, farmers, engineers and some are designated specifically as warriors (soldiers), the protectors of the colony. Ants cannot digest the cellulose in leaves, so ants cultivate fungi (that can), using them as a food source. Farmer ants secrete antibiotics to control other fungi that act as weeds and they spread their waste to fertilize their “crops”. Some ants act as Dairy Farmers, nurturing, milking and even herding, plant insects (aphids). These insects are an important source of food, known as, “Honeydew”.

As engineers, worker ants have been known to build bridges and even rafts with their bodies. Their most amazing constructs are their nests. Colony nests will contain, living quarters for workers, birthing chambers for the royal queen or queens, food storage, crop growing chambers, and even waste disposal areas.

No society exists without those who protect it. Soldier ants are the warriors of the ant species. They are larger, stronger and have powerful mandibles that work like pincers to fight off predators threatening the colony. They also help carry the heaviest loads of prey back to the colony, from foraging expeditions.

Ants are one of Mother Natures, “little helpers”. They till the soil, get rid of the dead and rotting, create spaces where other insect species can thrive, and provide food for many thousands of other animal species, including man.

But, as much as we appreciate their job functions in nature, when ants are crawling along our driveways and walkways heading towards our homes, when they are massing around our kitchen sinks and bathtubs, or scavenging food from our cupboards, it’s time to get rid of the ants.

Ants need to be stopped outside before they get inside. Consistent and effective ant extermination methods are the only way to keep them under control. Corky’s Ant Control Service is designed to control ants in the landscape and keep to them out of the structure.

Here is what we do:

  • Low-impact treatment products are applied to foundation areas, sidewalks, edges of driveways and property perimeters. We spray cracks and crevices all the way around your home, including front and backyard.
  • Inside treatment – no extra charge when needed.

This service program can be enhanced by Corky’s Ultimate Pest Control Service, which not only controls ants but includes spiders, aphids, whitefly (plant insects that are food for ants and spiders), ticks, mosquitoes and more. Take back your property from invasive ants. Call Corky’s Pest Control 800-901-1102, or find us on-line, corkyspest.com.