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​​Customer referrals reward $50 or $25.
Corky’s service is unbeatable and that’s why most of our new business comes from referrals. Corky’s rewards anyone who refers us when they use our services. When your referral turns into a customer, Corky’s will send you a check not a gift card for something you don’t need or want. Cold cash. We reward $25 for a one-time pest control service customer and $50 for any annual pest plan customer that is performed more than quarterly. The more qualified customer referrals you send us; the more cash you will receive.

How To Make A Referral
The simplest way to make a customer referral is to fill out the Customer Referral Form and click Submit!

There's no limit on referrals.


Friends get 10% off
To sweeten the deal, your friend will receive 10% off their initial service. So it pays for you to refer them and it pays for them to be referred by you. You get money and your friend saves money. Pretty cool deal!

People talking about referrals

We're glad to give back. Thank you for your patronage
and customer referrals.


It pays to have friends.

You get up to $50 and they get 10% off!

Who Can You Refer ?
You can refer anyone. Ask your family, friends, neighbors, co-workers and business associates if they are bothered by any pests. Tell them they need Corky’s and you’d like to refer them.

For almost 50 years we’ve been delivering quality pest control to our customers across Southern California. Through our customer referral program, we can show our appreciation to our friends and customers for their recommendations.