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Don’t let Mosquitoes ruin your outdoor event (weddings, family reunions, etc.) Let Corky’s provide you and your guests the protection needed to facilitate a successful, positive experience. We recommend this service be performed, 24 to 48 hours before the event. Call for a quote or schedule a service online, today. Call 1-800-901-1102


Structural Treatment: We treat around window casings, door frames, eaves, foundations and cracks and crevices that would allow entry into the home.  We pay special attention to the shady side of the house or structure where these pests rest during the heat of the day.

Landscape Treatment:
 We treat the areas of the landscape, including plantings, tall grasses, dense foliage, small trees and shrubbery.  Treating the undersides of the leaves of suspect plantings is primary to mosquito control.

Maintenance Program: Experts agree that efforts to eliminate mosquitos will most likely be only about 45% effective.  It is our commitment to provide timely and effect control for our customers, but without a regularly scheduled maintenance program, infestations are sure to reoccur, since mosquitoes fly in from neighboring properties.  This is why mosquito control/prevention is included with Corky’s Ultimate Pest Control Plan.

Seasonal Mosquito Treatments are included with Corky’s Ultimate Pest Control Service Plan


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Aedes Mosquitos favor dense shrubs

Corky’s Ultimate Pest Control Service includes treatment to many of the migrating mosquito’s resting areas such as eaves, under plants, small trees and shrubs.

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Corky’s mosquito service was developed by Corky, himself, from his extensive travel and study within the continents of Africa and South America, where mosquito borne illnesses such as Zika and West Nile Virus are epidemic. View our Mosquito Identification page to learn about the most prevalent species found in Southern California.

Anopheles Mosquitoes favor tall grass
Culex Mosquitoes favor trees

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​​​Anopheles Mosquitoes, typically harbor in the lower levels of thick plantings and especially in tall grasses. They are active during the evening and night hours and are sometimes referred to as “leg” or “ankle” bitters because of their low flying preference. These mosquitoes don’t like the hot, dry sun and prefer the higher humidity at night.

Aedes Mosquitos, are known to be daytime (sun-up to sundown) biters but will sometimes bite after dark, when there is illumination from outdoor lights, or when they get indoors. These mosquitoes can normally be found resting in dense shrubbery during the day where the humidity is high and where they are least affected by the hot sun.

Culex Mosquitoes, are most active during the few hours after sunset. Domestic and wild birds are preferred hosts, over man, cows, horses or other mammals. They prefer lying in wait for their hosts in the thick leafy areas of trees where birds are found to nest and roost.

They will also frequently rest in tree boles and animal dens when birds are unavailable.

Mosquito Service

Corky’s Landscape Mosquito Control

We provide customized treatments, focused on the mosquito’s resting and breeding areas unique to your property. Here is what you may expect our service to include:​

Property Inspection: We inspect the property for the most likely harborage areas and entry points into the interior of the home. Identification of the species present, will be made. This is crucial in determining the proper control method to be used and in developing an effective treatment plan.

Most mosquitoes rest during the day in secluded and shady areas such as tall grasses, shrubs, trees, arbors, building eaves and shaded wall areas.

Recommendations: Your technician will make recommendations as

to measures that will promote successful control of these pests on your property. The following should be accomplished before any service is performed in order to ensure a successful treatment.

Other recommendations specific to your property may be made

at the time of service.

​Reduce watering in suspect areas.

Thin and cut back dense foliage.

Check water features (pools, ponds, fountains etc.) to make sure water circulation equipment is working. (Mosquitoes cannot breed or survive in flowing or moving water.