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Bed bugs are difficult to control and the extermination of these human parasites, requires many, time consuming, steps to be taken to guarantee complete elimination. Preparing your home, before using any pesticides, is the major part of bed bug control. Your most effective weapon is your vacuum cleaner. There is a lot to do to kill bed bugs. It is imperative to complete all recommended tasks. Arm yourself with patience, be prepared for some hard work and follow these detailed preparation instructions to ensure bed bug eradication.

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Whether you choose to take on the task of getting rid of bed bugs yourself or you determine that you need our Bed Bug Control Service, the following procedures must be done.



  • Remove all bedding. Place into sealed plastic bags to be washed and/or dried or dry cleaned. Remove bagged items for dry cleaning prior to treatment.
  • Dismantle the bed including the mattress and box spring. Set it all on the floor in the room to be treated. Bag bedding in preparation for washing. Vacuum the mattress and box-spring thoroughly to remove bugs and debris, then put them in bed-bug-proof, encasements. (When Corky’s performs your service, box-spring encasements are provided as part of the service.)
  • Wash and clean fabrics including bedding, according to the de-bug instructions below.  

​Infested Rooms

  • Remove curtains and window dressings. Separate garments into sealed plastic bags to be washed and/or dried or dry cleaned. Remove bagged items for dry cleaning prior to treatment.
  • Remove all wall art, wall plates, lamps, sconces and pictures. * Keep in the room to be treated.
  • Remove all clutter and debris from the floor (i.e. shoes, clothes, toys, books, etc.).
  • ​Thoroughly vacuum all floors and carpets. Empty vacuum contents into a sealed plastic bag and discard to an outside receptacle.
  • Shake and clean items from the top of dressers, nightstands, desks, etc. and place them into sealed plastic containers. Leave containers inside the home.
  • ​Empty all closets. Separate clothing and garments into sealed plastic bags to be washed and/or dried or dry cleaned. Remove bagged items for dry cleaning prior to treatment. 
  • ​Empty all drawers. Shake and wipe clean accessories such as shoes, handbags, etc. Place them into sealed plastic bags and leave in the home. 
  • ​Replace cardboard storage boxes with plastic sealable storage containers. Be sure to shake and clean contents before sealing. 


Select and use insecticides safely. Make sure your choice of product is labeled for bed bugs and contains an adulticide and growth regulator. Follow label instructions carefully to ensure your safety and that of your family. 

  • ​Before pesticide treatment, prepare birds and reptiles to evacuate the premises for ten (10) hours.
  • ​Unplug and cover fish tanks the day of treatment. 

Plan to evacuate all occupants and animals from inside the premises for a minimum of four (4) hours or until the treatment materials are dry.

*Special precautions will need to be noted for any antiques, fine art or collectibles
Do not remove items from the infested room until these items are secured in plastic bags or containers.

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Do-it-yourself bed bug control service

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Here are some do-it-yourself instructions:

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When you don’t have the time or inclination to do a Bed Bug Control Service yourself, call Corky’s for a quote, schedule a service and we’ll get rid of your bed bugs. Call 1-800-333-7138.  

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​​De-Bug all garments before returning them to rooms

Drying on high heat is mandatory. Washing is optional.

Before taking on this task, please read all fabric labels to determine washability such as not washable, machine washable or dry clean only.

Washing and drying instructions: Separate all items before removing them, into separated loads (i.e. machine wash or dry cleaning). Empty separated sealed bagged laundry loads directly into the washer or dryer. Carefully discard the empty bags to an outside receptacle. Wash clothing in hot water and/or dry on the highest setting allowed for the garments for at least 30 minutes. Damage can result from high heat, so please read the labels on washables to choose the appropriate cleaning method. Non-washable items, curtains or area rugs, may be placed in the dryer on high heat for 30 minutes if tolerance to high heat is a characteristic of the fabric type.

Preparation and treatment