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Our quarterly cockroach service customers are guaranteed against new or renewed cockroach infestations as long as they remain on the quarterly cockroach service. Any outbreaks discovered by the technician during a quarterly service or discovered by the customer between services will be treated without charge in a timely manner.

Corky’s Cockroach Control Service is effective.​​

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Full-Service Guarantee

One treatment is not enough to get rid of cockroaches

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Our treatment for cockroaches is very thorough and effective. We provide an inspection where we explain the sources of the problem and the solutions. Cockroaches are difficult to eliminate which is why professional services are necessary. Please know that Corky’s is committed to helping you through the cockroach extermination process whether or not you hire us to do the work. View our Cockroach Identification page to see what kind you have.

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Here’s what our proven service involves:
We perform a thorough inspection to determine the harborage areas and the extent of the infestation. Recommendations are given so that conditions sustaining the roach population can be eliminated. Preparation steps are discussed and a list will be provided.
We remove roaches and debris from all accessible areas. Our secret weapon is the vacuum cleaner.
We treat throughout the home concentrating on the most infested areas. Treatment may include topical sprays, dusts, bait and monitors.

Corky’s offers a annual plan after you have had an initial cockroach treatment. You can extend the value of your investment and obtain a full service guarantee by signing up for our annual cockroach service plan. This service is performed at a 3-month interval (quarterly) and begins two weeks after the completion of our initial treatment.
Each quarterly service will include:

  • Visual inspection of cockroach harborage areas - beneath sinks, around baseboards, in bathrooms and kitchen areas. Inspection will also be done behind appliances and within cabinets and drawers.

  • Previously placed monitors will be checked for activity.

  • When activity is noted, treatment will commence immediately.

Keep your place cockroach free with our annual service plan

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